Players have it easy. For 82 (or 66) games a year, they know what they’re wearing when they’re on television. No need for stylists, picking out their finest clothes or making sure things are ironed. As long as they show up looking presentable in accordance to the dress code, they’ll be fine knowing that they just have to put on their uniforms and be perfectly dressed for the evening.

Coaches don’t have it that easy. They have to be there every night, wearing a fancy suit and making sure they look OK, lest they be ridiculed on the internet. Don’t believe me? Then why doesn’t Stan Van Gundy wear mock turtlenecks anymore? Point proven.

That’s why it’s good to have someone who helps you get dressed when what you’re wearing is going to be seen by thousands and thousands of people every night. Or better yet, two people. That’s what Hornets coach Monty Williams has going on, and he seems to be doing alright. From Sports Illustrated’s Zach Lowe: One last question I have to ask: Who picks out your suits? You may have the most eclectic suit collection among head coaches in the league. You have a few jackets that look like things professors would wear — thick brown ones with stripes going everywhere.

Williams: [Laughing]. Oh, man. Probably my daughter, Janna. She’s the fashion diva of the family. And I got some stuff from a lady up in Portland who runs a clothing shop up there. People probably make fun of me for it, but I’ve never heard it.

The reason you’ve never heard anyone make fun of you for it, Monty, is because no one does. Every girl is crazy for a sharp-dressed man, after all. You wear nice suits, look non-dumpy and don’t show up to Media Day wearing a tie with swastikas all over it, and people won’t say anything.

And really, that’s where you want to be. Sure, guys like Craig Sager and Walt Frazier can pull off dressing like fancy jerks, but the rest of us should shoot for looking nice. It might not get you your own tumblr or a video with Leigh Ellis, but if your daughter thinks you look cool, that’s not so bad.