If you watched today’s episode of The Fix, then you already know that a bunch of people consider Blake Griffin one of the NBA’s poster boys. Considering that’s what the Clippers have been calling him for the past two seasons, that’s an accurate description. Everybody likes this guy. Your mom, your wife, your grandpa’s friend Al, that guy Jerry down the street, Kevin, little Ricky from around the corner, the dude who makes your pitas at Pita Pit — they all love him for his tremendous dunks and always-the-same-joke sense of humor. “That Blake Griffin is really something” is what you’ll often hear from even casual fans who’ve caught some of his highlights.

But according to Chris Paul there is a very distinct subset of people who are decidedly not Blake Griffin fans. You know who they are because you’ve seen the videos. From the Oklahoman:

“Shoot, everybody loves him,” Paul said, getting fired up as he talked. “Shoot, don’t nobody love him more than my son.

“I don’t know nobody that don’t like Blake.”

He paused.

“Except for the guys he dunks on.”

The sheer number of people who Blake Griffin has dunked on makes it nearly impossible to check the accuracy of this statement, but it feels right. Kendrick Perkins has been dunked on and he’s not the biggest Blake Griffin fan. Same with DeMarcus Cousins and Pau Gasol. Believe it or not, dunking on people makes them not like you. Hard to believe.

Unfortunately, this is bad news for the Blake Griffin fan base. Sure, he’s well-liked now, but he’s only in his second season in the league. By the time he’s finished with his career, he’ll have dunked on so many people that by then the like-dislike ratio for Blakey GrifGriffs will be somewhere around 50-50. In the future, either Blake will have to stop dunking on people or he’ll have to be OK with all those victims despising him. I hope he makes the right choice.

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  1. The fact that everyone likes this guy is enough to make me hate him

    • Same, and I rarely get on the “anti-bandwagon bandwagon.” That Pau dunk was a blatant foul. And I still think LeBron’s dunk over (literally, over) John Lucas III was the best dunk of the year. I bet a lot of guys wouldn’t even try that in the gym, much less during a game.

  2. I haven’t liked him since he let that car company ruin the dunk contest

  3. maybe when he stops having this face O.O after every foul called on him i’ll learn to like him. probably not.

  4. Every powerfoward in the league hates him

    • Shhhh. You had me at Real Deal

      Totally irrelevant, but I hope somebody knows what this is from.

      OT: I dislike how much hype e gets and the fact that he seems undeserving of most of it. He did well in his rookie season on a bad team with one other good scorer (Eric Gordon), and vaulted to fame with that meh Slam Dunk contest win.

  5. the real reasons why those who don’t like Blake Griffin, don’ like Blake Griffin: 1. he’s an undeserving poster boy of a crooked league run by a corrupt commissioner; 2. he gets the benefit of nearly every whistle — including phantom calls; 3. the few times he does not get the call, he cries like a 2-year-old baby; 4. he’s a one trick (dunk) pony; 5. he’s never played defense in his life …. i think that should do it for now.

  6. yeahh, it’s pretty easy to get top 10 on sportscenter every night when you are allowed to offensive foul and don’t rotate on defense. I hope he keeps up his staring schtick in the playoffs and someone puts him on his ass. It will be his own fault.

    (oh, btw, I don’t like Blake. Could you tell?)

    • and it’s not just power forwards who don’t like him … Andre Miller showed us all how much he liked Griffin when he layed him out last season.

  7. I dislike him too. He came into the league thinking he should get the same calls that vets get. Even NBA vets said the same thing. Just about every dunk in someone’s grill is an offensive foul because of the way he uses his off arm to push the defender’s blocking arm away. He whines and cries and his flopping is going to get worse. I appreciate his tenacity for rebounds and his hustle for them, but overall he’s a punk.

  8. Blake is great for the league period. He’s the most exciting in game dunker we’ve seen since the Vinsanity days. Sure he whines a lot, but a lot of that has to do with the abuse he’s been taking this year as teams have adjusted defensively on him (he gets laid out a lot). I just want to see him evolve his game, and put in the hard work during the off seasons. If he doesn’t raise his level of play, then I’ll probably join the smack talking bandwagon going on here.

  9. I liked Blake a lot more last year. This year, for any reason you can think of, I’m just lukewarm on the guy. Yeah, there’s the whining; yeah, there’s the flopping; yeah, every part of his game that doesn’t involve a dunk is a little bit ugly, to be honest; etc…

    But it’s more than that. Either something about him has changed this year, or I’m just noticing more things I let slide previously because he was a new highlight reel force in the league. I don’t hate the guy yet or anything, but I’m slowly learning that I’m not crazy about his game, nor am I that entertained by it anymore.

  10. I like Griffin and hate Lakers but that was a foul. Blake often do that when he’s dunking and referees close eyes for it. I noticed that many times players are dunking using their off hand to help them push the defender and make the way easier. Unless it isn’t to aggressive it is allowed by the arbiters.

  11. Blake is a whiny baby who always seems put out. His game is really going to go to hell when he loses even a little lift with his short arms and lack of moves around the hoop. I throw up in my mouth every time people compare him to Shawn Kemp. Especially George Karl!!! What gives Frankenstein forehead?

  12. God I hate double negative statements.

  13. I ❤❤❤ blake griffin! sticks and stones
    people :p

  14. Uhhhhh cousins doesn’t like him because of the flopping. Blake never banged on boogie

  15. blake griffin.. the best one trick pony in the nba!
    hopefully he finds someone to teach him how to back down a guy, and finish with something other than an awkward sideways layup
    and seriously the cliche of these big powerful guys not being able to shoot FTs is ridiculous, step it up blake, then, when you taunt, nobody’ll say shit!

  16. At this point, Griffin is really making himself into an enemy. It’s not JUST the dunks….it’s that they’re the only thing he really can do. The guy gets by on pure athleticism at this point, and between this season and the last, he hasn’t done anything to improve his game. He’s a whiner and a flopper, and while he may be physically tough, the public is turning against him, fast. We wrote a little more here – http://thegreatmambino.blogspot.com/2012/04/rise-and-fall-of-blake-griffins.html – Great stuff though.

  17. More people hate kobe or lebron though

  18. He’s from my hometown and even I’m getting sick of him.

    How did Chris Paul get into college with that kind of grammar?

  19. I know a certain OKC thunder player who isnt a fan.

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