If you watched today’s episode of The Fix, then you already know that a bunch of people consider Blake Griffin one of the NBA’s poster boys. Considering that’s what the Clippers have been calling him for the past two seasons, that’s an accurate description. Everybody likes this guy. Your mom, your wife, your grandpa’s friend Al, that guy Jerry down the street, Kevin, little Ricky from around the corner, the dude who makes your pitas at Pita Pit — they all love him for his tremendous dunks and always-the-same-joke sense of humor. “That Blake Griffin is really something” is what you’ll often hear from even casual fans who’ve caught some of his highlights.

But according to Chris Paul there is a very distinct subset of people who are decidedly not Blake Griffin fans. You know who they are because you’ve seen the videos. From the Oklahoman:

“Shoot, everybody loves him,” Paul said, getting fired up as he talked. “Shoot, don’t nobody love him more than my son.

“I don’t know nobody that don’t like Blake.”

He paused.

“Except for the guys he dunks on.”

The sheer number of people who Blake Griffin has dunked on makes it nearly impossible to check the accuracy of this statement, but it feels right. Kendrick Perkins has been dunked on and he’s not the biggest Blake Griffin fan. Same with DeMarcus Cousins and Pau Gasol. Believe it or not, dunking on people makes them not like you. Hard to believe.

Unfortunately, this is bad news for the Blake Griffin fan base. Sure, he’s well-liked now, but he’s only in his second season in the league. By the time he’s finished with his career, he’ll have dunked on so many people that by then the like-dislike ratio for Blakey GrifGriffs will be somewhere around 50-50. In the future, either Blake will have to stop dunking on people or he’ll have to be OK with all those victims despising him. I hope he makes the right choice.

(via PBT)