It’s 10-day contract season in the NBA, where a bunch of guys you’ve barely heard of try their best to stick with an NBA team for the rest of the year. You know, your Justin Dentmons, Jeff Footes and Edwin Ubileses. Those guys from “Who Is This Guy?,” the hit game that is taking over the entire internet.

And perhaps no team has been better helped by snagging some dudes on 10-day contracts than the Washington Wizards, who have used short term deals to get big contributions from guys like James Singleton and Cartier Martin. Those two have been so impressive, in fact, that head coach Randy Wittman thinks everyone on the Wizards should be subjected to having to prove themselves a week and a half at a time. From the Washington Post:

“They’ve been big,” Wittman said of Singleton and Martin. “We might have to go all 10-day contracts next year. Some of our guys might not like to hear that.”

I have to imagine that there are some provisions against this in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, but it sounds like a great plan. Unlike the amnesty clause, which can only be used once, this would allow the Wizards to get rid of Andray Blatche AND Rashard Lewis if they didn’t live up to their deals, which they wouldn’t. It’s a genius plan.

Not to mention, it’s a really nice covert way of calling out all of your players who haven’t tried hard enough this season. By just saying “Some of our guys,” he’s able to blanket everybody on the team with a criticism of their effort. A lot of coaches will single guys out, but it’s way more efficient to use comments like this to make sure you zing everyone. His coaching efficiency rating (CER) is through the roof right now. Pretty impressive performance, really.

The irony of everything, of course, is that Randy Wittman is still just the Wizards’ interim coach, which is basically the management equivalent of a 10-day contract. Maybe this is just a reminder that he needs to stay on his toes. Either that or he’s just going out of his way to make sure Andray Blatche knows that his coach still thinks he’s a slacker. Can’t really blame him if that’s the case.