Ballin: How soon before we all get DeMarcus Cousins tattoos? After last night’s 25 point, 18 rebound, three assist, six steal and two block game, I am thinking it’s almost time. I don’t know if you all have picked out your designs, but I’m getting this on my stomach.

Not so much: Congratulations to the Orlando Magic for joining the New Orleans Hornets and Toronto Raptors as the only teams to have lost to the Charlotte Bobcats AND Washington Wizards this season. Extra double points for being the first team to lose to the Wizards on the second night of a back-to-back.

Short: For all the kids out there reading this basketball website, when you’re shooting a layup, make sure you at least get it to the rim. Otherwise, you’ll be Vince Carter and no one wants to be Vince Carter.

If you’re thinking that 2002 Vince Carter would have dunked that, you’re right. Probably why he made sure to throw down his other take to the rim.

Becks and chalances: Since the Big Three joined up in Miami, the Heat are 2-5 against the Celtics in the regular season and 4-1 against them in the postseason. Frustrating, sure, but I’d guess they’ll take it.

Scrambler: John Wall’s spin move game is on point.

Pretty bad job by the internet of barely cutting this move off, but luckily there are two half-speed replays that still kind of make you dizzy. Great move.

Script flippers: In last night’s win over the Nets, the 76ers’ bench outscored their starters 62-45.

Ghea!: Rip Hamilton went for 18 points in the third quarter of last night’s Bulls win, which would be his fourth-highest scoring game of the year.

Slow motion weekday: Dwyane Wade could see it was a rough cut Tuesday, so he put Paul Pierce in a freeze frame.

If you don’t like the J. Geils Band, I completely understand your reasoning but disagree with it.

Don’t say Jeremy Lin: Three straight games with 23 or more points for Cleveland Cavaliers guard Lester Hudson. But he didn’t go to an Ivy League school, so let’s keep this on the down low.

FYI: You probably already know this, but Chris Kaman loves snakes.

Other things: Here’s Jose Calderon looking very cool in a baseball jersey over a dress shirt after throwing out the first pitch at last night’s Blue Jays game. If you’ve got video, hook it up … And another cool look — James Harden in a toque and thick glasses, literally looking to be insane … One last great look — Carmelo Anthony dressed as Scrooge McDuck, shoutout to netw3rk … Simply the best Greg Ostertag lowlight mix you’ll see this week … Grant Hill is playing again this Friday, which just seems crazy … Josh McRoberts can get funky