Some people might call Kyle Korver a bum, but I think he’s a huge asset to the Bulls. People will dump on him when shots aren’t dropping, but when he tukhus his time he’s one of the best in the league. All in all, I’d say I’m a big Kyle Korver fanny.

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  1. He is in a cl-ass of his own

  2. Why all the cracks about Korver? He’s one of the NBA’s most watchable players. In fact, when he’s in the game I’m glute to the screen.

  3. People always come up with how bad he defends but I think this year he’s working his ass off. Still not a great defender but he tries hard. Like on that play, trying to do other stuff than scoring 3 points.

  4. To be sure, on some nights, this guy is a real ass-et. Butt on other nights, his inner fem rear-s her ugly head

  5. GO KORVER! And what about that pass to Brewer? He doesn’t just shoot threes.

  6. The 76ers and Jazz must be totally bummed they didn’t keep him

  7. Kyle Korver’s a great shooter butt we need to give him credit for not being a liability on the other end.

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