Thanks to the lockout, we’ve had a shortened season. And thanks to a shortened season, we’ve had a lot of injuries. So basically, thanks to the lockout we’ve had a bunch of injuries. It’s not a a direct correlation, but its pretty close. Thanks for breaking Derrick Rose, you jerks.

Though there have been many injuries, none have been as strange as the one that the Cavaliers mascot, Moondog duh, suffered last night. It came from David West punching him in the eye. Seriously. From the Akron Beacon-Journal:

Moondog needed to be taken to a local hospital after suffering an eye injury during a pre-game play fight with Indiana Pacers forward David West at The Q on Wednesday night. The Cavalier canine was later released and a team spokesman said he should be fine.

See kids, this is why you don’t play fight. If Pop-Pop was around, he’d have used J. Walter Weatherman to prove his point, but sending a playful dog mascot — still don’t get that, but that is another blog post for another blog time — to the hospital with an eye injury will have to do.

For his part, David West is very sorry. He didn’t mean to almost blind that dog.

“I feel terrible about that, I really do,” West said. “We were just having fun right before the game. We were just messing around. I really hope he’s OK. Make sure he knows I’m sorry.”

There might not be anything worse for an NBA player to have to answer for than accidentally putting a mascot in the hospital. It doesn’t happen very often, I am guessing, but when it does, there is probably nothing worse than getting asked about hurting another team’s stuffed employee. Ugh. No thanks.

If all of this is unbelievable to you, well, you are not alone (Michael Jackson). Roy Hibbert totally gets what you are saying. From the AP:

”For real?” Hibbert said. ”We thought he (Moondog) was just playing when it happened. Oh man, that’s crazy. I can’t believe it happened. I’ve never heard anything like that in the NBA.”

Solid observation. Outside of Benny the Bull hurting my oral surgeon’s arm, I’ve never heard anything even close to this sort of thing. A player smacking a team’s mascot in the eye and having him go to the hospital? That’s crazy.

We’re all just lucky that they didn’t have to put Moondog down. I can’t even imagine how bad David West would feel if that happened.