On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss an intense night in The Association. Talking points include: Chris Paul’s 1-on-4 game-winner in OKC, Monta Ellis’ late-game brain-fart in Milwaukee, Mickael Pietrus’ return from a concussion, Andrew Bynum’s 30 rebounds (and Carlton/Fresh Prince moment), and the playoff implications (DING!) in the Jazz-Rockets, Suns-Grizzlies and Love-less Wolves/Nuggets games. All that, plus a controversial “Wanker of the Week” pick, Gordon Hayward’s “Survivor: One World”-doppelganger, and, um, goats.

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Comments (29)

  1. I perfer ramifications to implications, sounds more severe

  2. guys great job on NBATV last night.

  3. Tas Melas stare of death at 33:03

  4. How about repercussions? It’s got a nice rhythm to it.

  5. Wanker of the week really should be bynum… man hes just going off. Dwade said one thing, Bynum went off this week! lol

  6. I agree 100% with Tas. Playing in the Olympics is an honor. Getting paid to play would ruin the whole concept and would be an insult to the fans. Your playing for your COUNTRY, what else could be better ?? Money for playing for the gold medal is a disgrace. I don’t think I even want to see D Wade play for America any more…

  7. I’m Team Tas on this one. The Olympics used to be about representing your country. Anyone who requires payment to represent their country shouldn’t be invited. Top-tier NBA players shouldn’t really need the money anyway, and call me old-fashioned but I’d like to think they would want to participate just for love of the game.

  8. I don’t think anyone will miss Wade from the Olympic team.. or Ray Allen either. Funny how no one talks about Allen saying it anymore.

    I’m sure they get paid in the form of additional endorsements from being in the olympics + increasing global recognition etc etc. Screw them. Pay them in goats!!

  9. Dwyane Wade’s the last person who should be demanding/asking for athletes on team USA to get paid. Then, what about all the other athletes, on other teams, and what about the pay scales for players? etc. Some olympic hopefull running the 5k should demand some money cause lord knows he’s no reaping many benefits of being competitive in athletics, when he’s not in the olympics (the other 3 and a half years prior).


  10. wade reverses
    skeets was right, he was just responding to that particular question and not implying he himself believes that he should be paid

  11. A note: In addition to goats, Greeks also won olive oil. Lots and lots of olive oil.

    A question: Do Jerry Colangelo and Coach K get paid for their work in the Olympics?

  12. I don’t get the D-Wade shitstorm either. First of all, he did not demand anything. He just voiced his opinion when asked about it. Secondly, in other sports (like World Cup soccer), there are associations like the DFB in Germany that do pay athletes in case of success.
    For the upcoming European Championship, it would be an amount of roughly half a million dollars for the gold medal. It’s not that crazy, that’s all I’m saying.

  13. I don’t think players should get paid anything for the Olympics-the mere honor of representing your country is enough. And they get some compensation for winning medals..which actually means something to most of the athletes unlike the NBA’s multi millionaires. Good choice Tas.

  14. Agree 100% with Tas. They get paid to play in the NBA because that’s their profession. Being in the Olympics is a global event where athletes around the world volunteer their skills to represent their country. The NBA is already tainted with all the greed. You start bringing contracts into the Olympics, you’re going to taint the most honorable athletic event that happens once every four years. It’s not like these athletes don’t get paid enough in the NBA. Olympics = Honor. NBA = Entertainment. Let’s keep it that way.

  15. Sorry Trey and Skeets, Tas is right.

    I did a bit of research in the FIBA and USA basketball archives after the show. Of the 20 finalists for the 2012 Olympic Team the only players to ever play in any FIBA organized Junior tournaments are Chris Paul (2004 U21 Team), Deron Williams (2003 Junior World Championships), and Rudy Gay (2005 U21 World Championships).

    Other notable participants at the junior level: Rajon Rondo (2005 U21), JJ Redick (2005 U21), the amazing Charlie Villanueva (2004 U21) and the immortal Jonny “where is the ‘H’” Flynn (2006 U18).

    Doesn’t really seem like the pipeline exists.

    Sidenote: This search allowed me to discover that Tyson Chandler’s middle name is Cleotis. That is terrific.

  16. Skeet nice shirt mate, but the grey on grey clashes. Take a page out of the Melas book and go black undershirt. Especially with those buttons.

  17. so if i understand tas’ quote correctly that means… the world gave us gators, and now they are an endangered species because football teams splash their coaches! geez.

  18. The Wade line may have been taken a little out of context, but it just adds to the perception that NBA players are greedy and out of touch with the real world.
    Athletes go through Rudy-esque battles just to make the Olympics, and here is Wade worrying about where the revenue is going.

  19. My name is Brian Whipple and it’s very real. You jerk, Trey! :-)

  20. DWade may have a point with the answer to the specific question he had. However he says later that it still is an honor to Represent Team USA. He is just another athlete complaining about not making more money when he makes 18 Mill a year. Athletes are spoiled little brats and need to shut up about money. Are you telling me you couldn’t live off 18 Mill a year? give me a break. I don’t care if you have some minor correct point. But if you wanna talk about fair face it the world isn’t fair. Stop COMPLAINING especially since you make 16+ mill a year to put a ball in the basket. This is my love hate relationship with sports. Love watching sports but the fact that they pay these idiots millions of dollars when all they provide is a little escape for a couple of hours from the lives real hard working people live is beyond me.

  21. Only in the USA would athletes ask for money to represent their country in the Olympics

  22. yeah i agree with all the comments and Tas about players being paid to play in the olympics. which is they shouldnt! good show cant wait for the overdose.

  23. Completely agree that professionals taking part in the olympics in events like basketball should not be paid.

    Also, Rajon Rondo’s line (10-20-10) has only happened 8 times in the last however many years (17?). 4 of those were Rondo, and noone else has more than 1!

  24. Every single one of the NBA players that wil be playing for Team USA has so much friggin money they don’t know what to do with it all. It’s about representing your country in your chosen sport. I’m with you Tas, these guys are really becoming a joke, mind you I shouldn’t lump them into 1 basket, if you ask KD, Rose, Westbrook, Love etc if they want money to play in the olympics, they would all say N.O. But answer me this, if you get injured or whatever in the Olympics, how the hell is 1 million dollars going to make you magically better or make your body get less wear and tear?

  25. To everyone saying they should just be happy to be representing their country, why not apply that to everyone then? The announcers should just be happy to be announcing for their country and do it for free, tv networks should just be happy to be broadcasting for their country and do it for free and so on and so on. Athletes being scammed into being okay with not getting anything while everyone one else makes money is bullshit and same goes with college athletics for that matter.

    I think what makes everyone uncomfortable is that the nba players are already millionaires but who are you to say that they should just be happy with what they already have? Who are you to put a cap on what another person can earn, regardless of what they already have?

  26. Like above, it’s not about repping your country, it’s about all the corperations and networks piling up money on the athlete’s work. Of corse the players enjoy reppin their country, they have been doing it for free and will continue to do it for free. But when Nike, NBC and others make tons of money, why don’t the athletes see any of that? You put my name on a jersey and sell it for $50, can’t I get $1 or so of that? Wade doesn’t want the IOC to pay him, or American tax payers to pay him, he wants Nike and NBC’s cut. What’s wrong with that?

    Also, Dwight and Van Gundy happened within the last 7 days of this wanker of the week. Coah sniping, lying and general douchery is far wankier than anwsering a question honestly….

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