From watching that video, you might think that Mickael Pietrus is still suffering some effects from the concussion he suffered three weeks ago. He’s singing, plugging his Twitter, shouting out fans through the camera and just generally acting goofy. But really, that’s just how he acts. For further evidence, click here and here.

Besides, he put his brain through a very strenuous workout to get ready for last night’s game. From’s Jessica Camerato:

[Pietrus] explains how he “fixed” his brain: “Just take the brain out, make it lift weights, put it on a treadmill, put it back in, and fix it.”

Sure. This makes total sense and doesn’t sound at all like the insane ramblings of a man who recently suffered a brain trauma. Of course he took his brain out of his skull, put it through some exercises then put it back in his head. Duh.

But hey, it’s hard to argue with eight points and six rebounds after missing three weeks of basketball. It seems like Mickael Pietrus is on to something. If he’s smart — which he obviously is, since he developed the first foolproof method for overcoming a concussion — he’ll contact the NFL and license his brain workout regimen. They could really use it, so he could be looking at some serious cash.

Get Roger Goodell on the phone. Mickael Pietrus has something very important to tell him.

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  1. Leigh and Mickael would make a great buddy cop duo.

  2. Awkward moments.. looks like Dwight and Stan got competition

  3. Also, seems relevant here:

    (Doc talking about Pietrus post-concussion): “He sounds great,” said Rivers. “He sounds like Mickael. I don’t understand what he’s saying.”

    Even in ideal circumstances Pietrus is confusing. Post-concussion, I fully expect him to be one of the most entertaining players in the league.

  4. LOLOL what the heck? i love this guy! lol

  5. I know he’s French, but I’ll bet you could put a sick dancehall beat to this interview and it would sound totally appropriate.

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