Look, I am not trying to be Reddit.com/tbj here, but I’m just saying that if Ridiculously Photogenic Guy can become a meme — literally the worst meme, but still a meme — then Jamal Crawford skipping down the court can definitely become a meme. You know this is true.

It’s easy. He’s skipping. He’s easily isolated by your favorite photo editing software. Just watch.

See. That’s Jamal Crawford double-dutching when he wasn’t double-dutching before. Total meme.

Or maybe he’s playing a different child’s game.

I don’t know. I’m not the king of the internet. It just seems like there’s something here. Maybe he’s in an old album cover.

That’s a meme. He’s a meme now. If you are artificially placed in a Beatles album cover, you’re a meme.

Do you need more proof? Here you go.

Skipping Jamal Crawford meme-ing down with some other memes? Duh. He’s a meme. It’s done.

If you agree that this should be a meme, feel free to meme this meme and then send us your results. I think that would be very cool of you. If you disagree, then I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Comments (23)

  1. Took me a minute to find him on the Beatles’ cover.. LOL

  2. Someone needs to do one of Crawford skipping into Mordor.


  3. Wait, is there a TBJ subreddit? If not, can we make a TBJ subreddit?

  4. Hey, whoa. why the ridiculously photogenic guy hate?

  5. The best part of the double dutch photo is that is in front of a bar in Portland that is down the street from my house.

  6. Would love to see one of him in the “Fenton” youtube video

  7. On the last one… a meme next to a meme, all within another meme o.0

  8. So there are actually some grown men who double-dutch… In jorts nonetheless…

  9. The Beatles one is fucking brilliant! :D
    Had no idea he was there for an embarrasingly long time!

  10. Check out out Crawford memes!

    • If we are Meme’ing players. I’m not going to say this next guy deserves any flattery, nor is he in any memes with any big name meme-lebrities but this guy definitely servers a little

      Without further adieu I present to you….. The one… The only… *Rose Garden Arena announcers voice* FELT—–DOWN!!! FEL—TON!!!!!!


      A friend of mine made these a little over a month ago right after the “Feltdown Felton”:thing was initially coined

      (Note: I tried to provide 4 links, one to each Feltdown caption but the system declared post “A little too spammy”)

  11. basketballmemes.tumblr.com

  12. http://i.imgur.com/CdIGB.png

    doesn’t beat the shimmy memes though… best nba meme

  13. REally? where did you find a photo of MEN doing DOUBLE DUTCH? wow

  14. Here’s the thing, since skipping-Jamal and Shimmy-’Toine are both foot mode transportation memes, there’s no possible backdrop where Jamal would be funnier than ‘Toine. Any situation, any photo where you can put skipping-Jamal, Shimmy-’Toine would look better. It’s not that Jamal isn’t funny, it’s just a matter of supply and demand.

  15. yep……….lame.

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