30 rebounds is awesome, no doubt about it. But it’s happened 14 times in the past 27 years and even happened last season. It’s incredible, but it’s not unheard of.

Trying to steal the ball from your own teammate so you can shoot a three after you were benched two weeks ago for shooting a three? That hasn’t been done since Wally Szczerbiak retired! I can’t believe it’s unseated all the things that JaVale McGee has done, but this is probably my favorite NBA clip of the year. Just amazing.

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  1. Holy lord. I really hope this means that Bynum will critically injure one of his own teammates this year during a game, and then get tossed for it. Now who is L.A.’s Barea analog?

  2. WTF is he doing!? He deserves the Wanker of the Week AGAIN!!!

  3. Incredible for all the wrong reasons. Steve Blake did a good job protecting the rock.

  4. hahahahhahahahhahaha AB for the WIN

  5. By now, Bynum’s repeteadly proven he isn’t exactly what you’d call a bright kid, but, as Devang pointed out, seeing how Blake was able to protect the ball against someone who actually plays in the NBA should be somewhat encouraging for Lakers fans (I guess). As soon as he starts doing against NBA players of the other teams as well, Lakers will be unstoppable.

    Whenever I see him doing what he does, I can’t help but see Tom Hanks’ face and imagine what a terrible mistake some kid did with a Zoltar machine (though rehabbing your injured knee on the Playboy Mansion doesn’t actually sound so bad).

  6. LAs barea IS steve blake

  7. I think that there is seriously something wrong with Bynum’s brain. It’s really the only explanation.

  8. sigh… he sets the nba season high in rebounds, wanted to top javale mcgee for season high in idiocy…

  9. cmon people all he wanted to do was shoot a 3 at the end of the game, granted, trying to steal the ball from his own teammate was pretty outlandish, but hey, at least he didn’t do it up 3 in the 4th or something, imagine that backlash!

  10. andrew bynum, the new rasheed wallace of the NBA

  11. Blake is a selfish hater, with the lakers up and the game sealed with only seconds to go he refused to give the ball to a wide open bynum so he could try to make a three at the end of the game, who cares the result. Blake is a bum second string that noone is impressed with, bynum is our center, a star, and an important part of our team, blake needs to know his place and stop with the pettiness, how dissapointing, I would have called blake a hater to his face and told him to do something. F…in trade blake

    • He is trying to one up coach brown…that’s why there is something wrong with it. I guarantee Kobe kicked his butt after the game.

  12. Thought this was hilarious.

    And if you watched the game the Spurs went down and threw in a garbage time dunk, so Bynum wanted to get them back by shooting a 3. I was sitting on my couch yelling “pass him the ball Steve!!!”

  13. If Bynum stole it and makes the 3, does that mean Steve Blake get a turn over and an assist all in one play?

  14. I understand where he was coming from, the Spurs elected to go for a dunk instead of dribbling the clock out, so all bets were off.

    • I agree completely. In most cases this would be outlandish, in this case it’s revenge. But I will say Blake was being the professional. Just because someone else is unprofessional doesn’t mean you have to be. When would it end? JJ Barea isn’t going after Bynums family, right? Let’s just let the stupid things that happen on the court happen on the court and then movehad the chance to be the better man. unfortunately today wasn’t the day.

  15. This was hilarious! And since the Spurs went for an unguarded dunk, I think this is probably one of the few legitimate times Andrew should shoot a 3! But it was funny to see Blake hold back…. give him the ball Blake! haha

  16. Have any of you guys actually ever played organized basketball?

    The Spurs were down – when you’re down, you never stop trying to score. When you’re up, you run the clock out, only shoot it if the shot clock is going to expire (NBA teams usually even let that happen if there’s not more than a few extra seconds on the game clock after the 24 expires.

    Nothing wrong with the Spurs going for the dunk, Bynum trying to jack a three (or make any basket to pad his stats) is completely class-less

  17. There is something wrong with it when you are down 16 with ~15 seconds left. You’re not coming back from that, it’s poor etiquette.

  18. What a douchebag. Anything for attention. Blake was right for not letting the moron act like a child.

  19. another headache player for the lakers…somebody should humiliate that retarded 7 footer so he would learn his lesson

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