Is Lil’ Penny coming back?

If you were a basketball fan in the 1990s, you probably loved Penny Hardaway’s alter ego, Lil’ Penny. What’s not to love about a wise-cracking puppet that’s voiced by Chris Rock? The commercials still hold up, I still have a copy of “Knee High and Livin’ Large” in my mom’s basement and people are still ripping off these legendary spots to move units.

That’s why the following blockquote is so potentially awesome. Penny and Chris Rock got together yesterday on the Bottom Line Sports Show to talk about their commercials and that’s when they dropped what might be the greatest news of 2012. It starts around the 59 minute mark.

Penny: I got something that my guy, Mark Doshay, and I were talking today. And this isn’t putting Chris on the spot, you know he’s a busy person or whatever and we can contact later. But we’ve got the Penny 5 — it’s a new sneaker that’s coming out of the collection — and he told me that he’d love to sit down and talk about things to negotiate something and then try to do something with the Penny 5.

Rock: OK!

Penny: That’s up to you. If it doesn’t happen it’s fine. I think this is big, but if we’re past it, we’re past it. I hope that’s not putting you on the spot.

Rock: No no no. Let’s do it. Let’s figure it out. Let’s do it.

Obviously, this isn’t a done deal because it’s pretty much just Penny Hardaway saying, “Hey, we should do this” and Chris Rock not wanting to be a party pooper, but still. If Penny Hardaway is getting another signature shoe even though he’s been retired for four years — he is, they look great — then they should definitely bring Lil’ Penny out of retirement. It’s a no-brainer.

I don’t know how we guarantee that this happens, but I’m guessing it’ll involve a letter writing campaign. If we all send letters (NO EMAILS) to Penny Hardaway, Chris Rock, the advertising executives at Nike, Weiden+Kennedy, Phil Knight and Tyra Banks, then I think we should be good. Meet you at the post office.

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  1. I wrote the first letter! Others should feel free to join in:

    I heard the interview live last night and was a bit surprised Penny asked Chris Rock that on the show. What was Chris going to say, no? Ha. But it’d still be cool to see the thing happen.

  2. oh man but they should have that kevin hart guy do it he is way funier than cris rock whatever you know? cris rock shud stick to magic tricks no1 cares jeez

    think lik a man, guyz

  3. Kevin Hart is funnier than Chris Rock? That’s the sort of statement that makes me lose faith in all of humanity and chew on the business end of a 12 gauge to end it all.

  4. I love Penny Hardaway so much that our family dog was named Penny in his honor. I need these shoes!

  5. I would be more excited about this comeback commercial if I heard Lil’ Penny was taking on Gramama and Urkel in a game of 21.

  6. Yeah Kev Hart is 1000 times funnier than Chris Rock, BUT it’s not lil penny without chris rock.

  7. What shoe company would ever want a lil penny commercial now? Can you imagine an 18 yr old kid watching that? He wouldn’t have the slightest clue to whats going on. Not a smart marketing campaign for 2012. Although I would still love to see it…

    • …meh, just make it an apparent 90ies throwback commercial, everybody will get that it’s something that was a little bit whack but at the same time super cool back in the day- that’s basically guaranteed hipness right there. everybody under 18 will pretend to know what’s going on and for us folks it’s pure retro-gold… win win.

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