Ballin: The Chicago Bulls bench outscored the Miami Heat bench 47-7, so let us tip our snapback caps to them. They were so good that even Luol Deng wants a “Bench Mob” t-shirt.

Not so much: Conversely, from the third quarter on, only Dwyane Wade (11), LeBron James (9) and Chris Bosh (4) scored for the Heat.

Last one: And here’s the play that literally made me yell out “GHEA! GHEA! GHEA!” like I’m Young Jeezy.

For some reason, it seemed a lot louder last night. Feel like Marv Albert kind of undersold things on the call, which is kind of weird coming from him. Great shot though.

Full spectrum: In another game that happened in the same NBA, the Charlotte Bobcats lost their 14th straight game, which is amazingly not even their longest losing streak of the season. Cool league.

Flop city: You know a flop is bad when the player you flop on laughs at you.

Good one, Chris.

Throwback: Tim Duncan went for 28 points and 12 rebounds last night, numbers he hasn’t posted since December 15, 2009. It appears that limiting his minutes may be having a positive effect.

Oopsy-daisy: Pretty chill alley-oopski going on right here.

That’s Rodrigue Beaubois’ 10th dunk of the season, which is about eight more than I would have guessed.

Frowny: Last night’s loss to the Clippers officially eliminated the Timberwolves from the playoffs. It was fun while it lasted and it’s very cool that they played well enough to make the pick they have to send to the Hornets way worse than anyone anticipated. Spiting David Stern is always a win in my book.

Other things: This is the face you make when you are a bench player and get a standing ovation … The Maloofs are terrible. Get these guys out of here … LaMarcus Aldridge is having hip surgery and is done for the year, because the Trail Blazers haven’t had any bad news for a while … Corey Maggette is also done for the season, which will completely submarine the Bobcats’ championship aspirations … Now Dwight Howard is trying to say he didn’t ask for Stan Van Gundy to be fired

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  1. Dwight’s antics continue…looks worse than LBJ. what ever happened to shutting up and just playing the game?

  2. I would like to hear about the Sacramento King deal falling apart at the seams. It was only right after the All-Star, we thought a deal was basically done. Now it looks like the Maloofs are trying to leave town quickly. Maloofs are making the clipper ownership actually look good.

  3. There’s a petition to the Maloofs to sell the Kings. Not just for fans of the team, also fans of justice: #savesac

  4. Dwight is a tool, and I don’t know how he can expect anyone to believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Skeets calls Melas a flip flopper, but Dwight is the king of it.

  5. Dwight just shut up already… what the hell man… This is the same situation with LeBron when he kept rehashing “The Decision” months after the fact. Stop with the fuggin bullshit and focus on basketball.

  6. The older the better. With Duncan and all it seems no youngster can ever be great enough to beat age old experience even on its worst decline. Never has, never will (see Michael Jordan from 1984 to 1990 et al).

  7. For the record.. Barea was smiling, because he just drew an offensive foul on the other end by flopping right before this..

  8. Sorry Trey but it kinda looks like CJ had his toe on the line. That may have been a bad call and the Bulls maybe should have lost.

  9. By the way, this is also the headband you wear when your hairline recedes faster than your chances to win.

  10. I’m with Tas, LeBron’s beard is stupid.

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