I don’t know when it happened, but sometime in the past few years, Andre Miller surpassed Jason Kidd as the NBA’s premier lob thrower. It probably had something to do with Kidd moving to a team that features more 12-footers than dunks, but we’re now living in an Alley-Andre kind of world and it’s spectacular. Even if he’s unhappy that he’s not the Nuggets’ starter, I think we can all agree that having him on a team with so many leapers is good the rest of us.

Included in that “rest of us” are the rest of the Nuggets, who benefit so much for Dre’s alley-oop ability. It’s so impressive that George Karl can’t help sounding like a teenager after passes like that one you see up there. From the AP:

”He’s a pretty amazing dude, where he throws the ball, I don’t think many people in basketball ever think about doing that,” Nuggets coach George Karl said. ”And to throw it as far as he throws it on the mark, it’s pretty amazing to me.”

If Andre Miller was looking for something to put on his business cards — Do NBA players have business cards? I can think of reasons for why they would or wouldn’t — I think “Andre Miller: Pretty Amazing Dude” is a nice title. I feel like you would always send a follow-up email to a guy who had “Pretty Amazing Dude” on his business cards.

And George Karl is right. It is pretty amazing that Andre Miller can throw accurate passes from that far away. Just listen to how much Corey Brewer loves it.

”He’s the best,” Brewer concurred. ”If you run, Andre’s going to get you the ball in the perfect position. All you have to do is go up and dunk. Just like a wide receiver, you just run out there and lay it up.”

Put the terrifying image of super skinny Corey Brewer trying to play receiver out of your brain and just realize how easy a great point guard can make the game for his teammates. Andre Miller doesn’t miss many open lobortunities, so if you’re open, he’s going to get you the ball and most likely make you look awesome. Why wouldn’t you want to catch alley-oops from the NBA’s best lob thrower? You totally would, if you were a hyper athletic basketball player who loves dunking.

Dunking is so cool. Dunking off a lob is even cooler. These are two solid reasons why Andre Miller is a “pretty amazing dude.” Accurate description, George Karl.