On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss their winners and losers of the NBA weekend. On the honor roll: the “Mecca” that is Madison Square Garden, the New Orleans Wild Tchoupitoulas, Gerald Green, and the Raptors’ D-League team. On the shit list: two teams — the Jazz and Bucks — as well as those slimy Maloof brothers. All that, plus the return of Trey’s “Now-er Rankings,” which includes a Kidd, a bird and KD rhymes.

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  1. Guys,

    I can’t totally take credit for this but wanted to relay a name idea I heard for NO. How about the Voodoo? Pretty good I gotta say.


  2. Personally, I don’t agree with two names having the same nickname. It would be confusing for casual fans especially and it’d be more unique for every team to have their own name. Charlotte taking back that name would be really cool, a sort of makeover they desperately need. New Orleans Voodoo is my choice…the jerseys and logo would be so sick!

  3. TBJ just setting standards at the Score. Just saw the new show Live@theScore. Way to keep an entire network on it’s toes boys.

    Pizzo is pretty good. Renee and Cam….hmmm…not sure I’m a fan, then again, I’m just a girl with a laptop. You’re the ones doing the damn thing.

    Keep it up guys.

  4. Hilarious entrance :D

  5. Bobcats fan would also like to get rid of the Bobcats nickname because it reminds them of their first owner Robert “Bob” Johnson who burn a lot of bridges on his way out of Charlotte. Gotta give up for Tas his puns may not always be funny but the effort he puts into the back story are top notch!

    One complaint I have (Sarcasm) WNBA draft was today and did not get one mention! (Sarcasm)

  6. One more New York suggestion: Eat at The Spotted Pig. Totally worth the wait.

  7. Ha, put a bird on it. Classic.

  8. Guys what’s the song that goes from 20’50?

    Voodoo is mindblowing, as Bilal said it would be so great:)))

  9. From the day I saw Red Panda flipping her bowls I was hooked. Best halftime entertainment of all time.

  10. Congrats on the win Skeets! I’ll definitely love to get in on a TBJ league. Please say you’ll invite some of your fans next season! I barely squeaked a win in my fantasy league yesterday too. What was your roster? Here’s mine:
    PG Dragic
    SG Sessions
    G Jameer
    SF DeRozan
    PF Hickson
    F J. Richardson
    C Monroe
    C Camby
    U A. Parker
    U Korver
    B Wall
    B Durant
    B Ibaka

  11. I don’t think it would ever happen because it’s kind of morbid (and I’d hate to see the mascot) but I would love to root for the New Orleans Looters.

    …too soon?

  12. The New Orleans Voodoo is an arena football team in NOLA, so that won’t happen.

  13. new orleans voodoo versus the utah mormons? not a fan of religious themed sports names… sorry. i suggest new orleans cornets. one letter change and it references louis armstrongs trumpet.

  14. guys guys… I love you and all… but so much talk and emotions for the jazz… and you barely mention suns, who could be no8 after tonight games… I know suns are not hot topic nowadays, but some respect is due after 12-19 start… pls little update on tie breakers, remaining schedule etc… I say 4-2 finish grants them no8 seed

  15. Tchoupitoulas is apparently pronounced like this: CHOP-it-TOO-luhs. It was originally the name of a local indian tribe, but it’s now associated as much with the street of the same name that runs throughout the city along the river and holds a lot of local historical significance. Kind of cool if doesn’t ruffle feathers for being a native american/first nations mascot. Also, give yourselves and the broadcaster people one season and nobody would have any problems with that name or any other.

  16. New Orleans Bounty Hunters, DUH!!

  17. “Basketball happened here in Toronto on my television”


  18. There was a guy on a horse walk past the window at 15:36. Kinda weird.

  19. lol at Trey at 19:35. Such a silly face…Silly guy

  20. Oh and fellas, inside tip for your Book Off picks, just bet against the Warriors every game. They are mailing in the season like no other team before. They started 4 rookies tonight! No line is high enough.

  21. The New Orleans Horns, let Jersey keep the Nets

  22. Then we’d hear, the Horns beat the Jazz in overtime with a last second buzzer beater

  23. Love hearing Wesley Mathews getting recognition. He’s been a beast!

  24. No Lakers love for winners of the weekend?! Damn.

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