Ballin: 42 points, nine rebounds, five assists and just a single turnover for Marcelo Anthony, who has upped his point per game average from March to April by 12 points. Some bad shots down the stretch, but who else do you want taking bad shots for the Knicks?

Not so much: Just a solid 2-12 shooting night for Joe Johnson, who scored just seven points and helped his Hawks team drop a game to the Raptors, which could cost the Hawks home court advantage in the playoffs. Stellar performance from the league’s 10th-highest paid player.

Alley-oop?: This 3-pointer/tip dunk by Pau Gasol and Matt Barnes blew my mind yesterday.

That was so perfectly timed — and so stupidly followed by Matt Barnes — that it was like something from a bad mid-90s sports movie, though the Barnes character would probably be played by a child rapper. I am still not convinced either way that Matt Barnes did or didn’t touch it.

Upgrade: Despite the fact they have five games remaining in a 66-game season, the Raptors have matched last season’s win total. Maybe not the best when they should be theoretically be tanking, but impressive and should be looked upon favorably by karma.

Color matching: Dwyane Wade just wants to know if Lisa Salters is wearing fuchsia, OK?

Kinda feels like Dwyane Wade was trying to hard to “make a moment” right here, like he wanted to be the new Kevin Garnett or something. Just felt very forced to me. But hey, he’s one of the NBA’s best dressed players, so I guess he should flex his sartorial know-how every now and then.

Not surprising: A Celtics team that had Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen deactivated is still 12 points better than the Bobcats. Admittedly, Charlotte was without leading scorer Corey Maggette, but do you really think that matters?

Similarly: A Dwight Howard-less Magic team is 16 points better than a Kyrie Irving-less and Anderson Varejao-less Cavaliers team.

Iced: Hey, something good happened for the Sacramento Kings.

Do people actually call Marcus Thornton “the Bayou Bomber?” I really hope so. Very on board with this 1980s-ish nickname, if it’s a real thing.

Small oversight: According to Detroit coach Lawrence Frank, the Pistons made only one mistake yesterday against the Bulls — ”We did everything we needed to win the game other than actually winning the game.”

MVP: With yesterday’s win, the Hornets moved to 5-2 in games that Eric Gordon has played.

Making flippy-floppy: Huge win for the Nuggets over the Rockets yesterday, moving to the seventh seed and a game ahead of eighth place Houston. They play again tonight, which is awesome.

Other things: Here’s Jameer Nelson destroying Jannero Pargo over the weekend … Jeff Van Gundy really hates flopping … Another amazing weekend clip is Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors pulling a rare double dunk/offensive goaltend … Cannot tell if Ian Eagle and Mike Fratello really hate each other or if they’re joking … Josh Childress is a real rebel

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  1. Who is Marcelo Anthony?

  2. That Matt Barnes play was so ridiculously stupid… They should have waived the basket just based on the stupidity of the move.

    And for some reason I think that double dunk is hilarious. It should have counted for 4 points.

    • Didn’t he touch the net on the play? I thought if that happened it is always considered goaltending? The whole end of that Lakers-Mavs game was such a weird and chaotic set of events.

      Also… Leading scorer “Corey Maggette”. Yikes. I’m really surprised the Bobcats haven’t been playing well under his excellent leadership.

  3. Francisco Garcia was like “why’d you hit the shot?? we need to lose to get a higher draft pick!”

  4. Wow, that Nets broadcast is just ridiculous. He couldn’t have waited until the commercial to say it?

  5. Has anyone noticed how Pierce got called for a travel on that one-legged stepback fade-away jumper?…. which is the EXACT SAME THING Dirk does and he never gets called? Although Dirk might be doing it a little more subtly so it’s not as visible.

  6. This is eerily similar to a Camby/Doug Christie play from years back. Same result, except Doug got called on the goaltend.

  7. “This Kings team makes us so happy” in the first picture. This is the lamest placard I’ve ever seen.

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