Feels pretty important to have video evidence of the first time Kobe Bryant has spoken to his teammates this season. Treasure this moment.

Or — alternate joke — Kobe Bryant is thinking to himself, “Yeah, I could get used to bossing people around.”

There are a bunch of different options here. Let’s see what you’ve got.

Comments (6)

  1. As if we needed evidence, it’s good to see, though, just how selfless Kobe really is..

  2. I bet in every clip he’s just telling them what he’s gonna do when he comes back.

    “See how you missed that contested three, Steve? When you come back, I’m gonna make that shot. Andrew! Lemme draw up a play for you that you can fuck up that’ll make the fans beg for me to come back!”

  3. Very disappointed that he’s not wearing the all white suit from the photoshoot

  4. An Italian designer suit to go with his Italian designer car, $329,000 Ferrari. We all know what his motivation is, he has not made it a secret. A SIXTH RING!

  5. He drew up the goal for the Kings ( win ) too. Multi-tasking!

  6. That was the exact thing I was shouting when I watched the game live.

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