One of my best friends from college’s best friend growing up was a kid by the name of Michael Jordan, who grew up three blocks from the United Center during the Bulls dynasty. I haven’t heard from that Michael Jordan in six or seven years, but I have to imagine this is pretty much what his life has become.

(via PBT)

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  1. Everyday life like this is …. just ouch

  2. there was a guy in our school called harry potter i shud send him this video

  3. Hey Kerby, do you miss Lou Malnatis and other classic Chicago treats?

  4. Hah, when I was little I was uber excited about a book that came out back then – “Encyclopedia of the gods” by Michael Jordan. I thought “man, what a great title for a book about MJ!”. It turned out it was a boog by some boring professor about greek mythology :/// Bummer. And the guy at the bookstore was so very surprised about a very very young kid in bball sneakers being interested in greek mythology, hah….

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