NBA players, heed this warning — If you go to a baseball game, you will probably get booed.

It happened to Dwyane Wade, who callously sold out his hometown White Sox by wearing a Yankees hat. And it happened to Chris Paul, who was heckled at a Dodgers game when he was put on the big screen. From the AP:

Paul took his 2-year-old son to a Dodgers game on Sunday. They were both wearing Dodgers caps and his son waved at the crowd. ”They booed me bad,” he said. ”I was just happy that my son didn’t know what was going on.”

Just when you thought it had been proven time and time again that Los Angeles was all dispassionate sports fans, they go and boo a 2-year-old and his pops because the trade to send his dad to their favorite team was rescinded and he ended up on the city’s less popular basketball team. For a fan base that is notoriously late for everything, at least they care enough to razz a dad who’s just trying to show his son the national pastime.

Lucky for them, child ears cannot comprehend the complexities of the English language. Otherwise, this is a pretty low move, albeit one that helps to solidify Lakers-Clippers as a legitimate rivalry. Which is to say, I’m all for it. If booing a child is what it takes to make these already testy games even testier, then so be it. Sometimes you have to boo some children to make an omelet, as the saying goes.

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  1. Maybe they weren’t saying, “Boo.” Maybe they were saying “Boo-urns?”

  2. How do you boo a face that adorable?

  3. What do you mean “It could be worse. You could be Rajon Rondo.”??

  4. your boos don’t hurt because i know you’re not a ghost!

  5. Lakers fans chanted “you’re a Laker” at him during the last Clippers Lakers game and fans still complain about the trade. To be clear: the majority of Lakers fans I see on Twitter and calling into (/vomit) sports talk radio fans aren’t complaining about how the trade was a PR disaster, but that the trade was vetoed.

    Because the Lakers were in need of a ball-dominant guard! And who cares if New Orleans takes on three shitty salaries in the process, decreasing the value of the franchise as it seeks a new owner. It is the job of lottery and future lottery teams to fuel RealGM-esque idiotic trade rumors and big market desires!

    That trade wasn’t vetoed just because of a big franchise picking up an all star. That trade had to be vetoed because no one would pay to watch Lamar Odom, Luis Scola, and Kevin Martin play and no owner sure as hell would’ve wanted to write those checks. Good lord.

  6. As a Lakers fan, I’d boo him too. As a person who thinks baseball is super boring, I wasn’t at that game.

  7. So what did New Orleans ticket holders pay for to watch for this year? For Eric Gordon to have injures all season including the rest of the Hornets , and 19 wins this season?

    It would of been nice if the Hornets had some scores in Luis”Scoops” Scola, and in Kevin “K Mart” Martin to go along with coach Monty Williams lock down D-Fence to help the Hornets win some more game this season and give them some hope for next season with out CP3.

    And as winning usually shows it will bring more people on your bandwagon to come to the New Orleans Arena, and spend money for parking, concessions, etc.

    • You have to either sell wins or hope. Being a perennial first-round exit or late lottery team is so much worse. Tanking brings the hope of new blood. The Hornets, when they match on EJ’s offer and have two lottery picks with him, are going to have a much better opportunity to be successful long-term. They got a lottey draft pick, a legit star shooting guard, a lottery pick from the year before, and cap relief all for a guy who was going to walk. Thar’s so much better for a team in transition, especially one that didn’t have an owner and needed flexibility. New owner, not-a-complete-garbage-fire GM, and good coach. Hornets are in a good place considering where they could’ve been.

      Man, I laughed so hard at the idea that someone would want that Scola contract on their books, but little did I know you’d mention ‘Kevin Martin’ and ‘D-Fence’ in the same breath for a real punch line hahahahahahaha. You are a lunatic.

  8. Man, Chris Paul’s kid is mad cute. Seems like a nice dad. Boo Dodgers fans.

  9. Funny enough I’m a Clippers fan and a Giants fan.. Just proves my constant theory that LA sports fans are just shitty.. (except the 4000 of us or so before Griffin)

  10. I booed him. I started the boos in my section. And first, to be fair, they didn’t show his son at first. It was only CP3 with that dumb grin for about 10 seconds. For me, as well as for the people around me, it wasn’t about Chris. It was about Blake “I’ll stand over your carcass and stare at you like I have 8 championships” Griffin. This was just a case of redirected aggression.

  11. Last time I checked they were all in LA anyway?
    Jesus, it’s not like it’s the bloods and the crips calm down.
    Then again I’d possibly be angry too if I was at a Dodgers game.
    Did Chris Paul personally veto the trade? No? Well then who gives a shit.
    David Stern on the other hand….BOO!

  12. Typical Dodger fans….no class! no respect!

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