On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss why the Clippers seem to give the Thunder fits, Nick Young’s big night, that questionable Nuggets-Rockets officiating, McGee’s improved pick-and-roll defense, Jazz-Mavs triple-OT, LeBron goin’ NOVA, and Beyonce and Jay-Z’s baby. All that, plus Derrick Rose fouls, Tupac-like NBA holograms, and suggestions for the New Orleans Hornets’ new name.

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Comments (23)

  1. ha like the baseball player melo reference in the beginning.

  2. LOL…Tas did not give a fuck about Skeets’ Deerhunter story

  3. Too bad they can’t have the Voodoo name..assuming it’s been patented?

    Loving the late season drama that this season is bringing…every single playoff team is at least somewhat jockeying for positioning…unlike the typical regular season where the top few seeds are set in stone around now.

  4. A thought occurs, if the Bobcats lose the rest of their games, then MJ will be associated with both the best record in NBA history and the worst.

    ‘Dem basketball gods…

  5. We need a Big O hologram. Averaged a triple double? Yes please.

  6. Pistol Pete hologram!

  7. “Kosta Koufos is not a real NBA center”

    Whoa, you should watch some more Nuggets games. Koufos has been pretty good this year in limited minutes.

    • What I meant is, “A Starting center”. Sorry, not buying it.

      I have seen him play decent minutes, but he’s a grinder at best. And, I’m all about the role players (and Greeks).

      • I’d agree with that. He’s starting on this Nuggs squad so they can avoid starting games with Faried/Mcgee which is just too much young n dumb to have in one lineup. So they go Faried/Koufos into Harrington/McGee and at the end of the game they don’t need a center because George Karl hates tall people.

  8. I suggest the New Orleans Krewes which is a nod to Mardi Gras (The generic term for all Carnival organizations in New Orleans, first used by the Mistick Krewe of Comus, which coined the word in 1857 to give its club’s name an Old English flavor.)

    BTW, the Voodoo have a great logo.


  9. how do you isolate the audio in LP?

  10. How is it you guys haven’t discussed Mike Fratello vs. Ian Eagle? Eagle had a meltdown on the air. It’s news. Please discuss it.

  11. Possible New Orleans team names:

    The New Orleans Hurricanes (too soon)
    The New Orleans Oilers (too soon)
    The New Orleans Pirates
    The New Orleans Steamers
    The New Orleans Swamp Rats (not very flattering)
    The New Orleans Catfish
    The New Orleans Lagooners (suck it Lakers)

    • I apologise for repeating you when I put the Hurricanes as a later reply, having not read this entry. It’s a quite ridiculous notion that people could be offended by the coinage of an act of nature, regardless of what happened in 2005.

      One more… they’ll never again be the Jazz, how about the similarly themed New Orleans Brass?

  12. I’m in favor of the Crawfish.

  13. The New Orleans Bourbon … auction sponsorship to Jim Beam, JD, or Maker’s Mark every 5 years, sit back and bask in your team’s financial security.

  14. “You can get it on! You can get it on! You can get it on anytime!”

  15. How about the New Orleans Jazzes?

    I think the hologram question should have been about a particular game you could see in front of you. Since other players can’t really interact with hologram players like in a music performance..

  16. For the love of God, can someone PLEASE get Trey a taller table? It just doesn’t look comfortable.

  17. Tas and Skeets are giving off a Durant/Westbrook vibe today….trouble brewing? Rumors starting?!

  18. This is too obvious… New Orleans Hurricanes. Don’t shun or recoil, embrace nature’s destructive power.

  19. Worst all-time NBA teams….


    … perhaps it was the Nets you were thinking about, Tas.

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