Ballin: 28 points and 26 rebounds for Al Jefferson, which is awesome. Weird part is that in 54 minutes on the court, he had one assist and shot zero free throws. Apparently, his body was inhabited by both Ricky Davis and Reggie Evans, or as you might know it, the worst beard imaginable.

Not so much: In losing their third game of the season to the Clippers, the Oklahoma City Thunder scored 25 points in the second half, while Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook combined to go 1-13 from the field in the final two quarters.

Also ballin: 17 straight for LeBron James, all in the last 5:34 of the game, literally winning a game single-handedly as long as you don’t count team rebounding and defense as part of the game.

This may not surprise you, but Dwyane Wade was not available for the Heat.

Derp: Following last night’s loss to Washington, the Chicago Bulls, who own the best record in the league, joined the Bobcats and Hornets as the only teams in the league to lose home games to both the Nets and Wizards.

Golden Stank: In last night’s defeat by the Spurs, the Warriors started four rookies and Dorell Wright.

You got it like that?: George Hill with a huge tip dunk? Sure.

Six dunks on the year and this is one of ‘em. That’s a pretty nice average.

Dignified: For some reason, Captain Morgan delivered the game ball for last night’s Nets-Heat game. That’s one of the most “Semi-Pro” things that could actually happen.

Phans: After two straight wins on back-to-back night over the Rockets, there are no bigger Denver Nuggets fans than the Phoenix Suns, who have used these two Houston defeats to move in to the Western Conference’s last playoff spot.

Black belt: James Johnson is occasionally very good at dunking.

Excellent dunk, no doubt. But I kind of feel like if you dunk over Vladimir Radmanovic, you shouldn’t really celebrate. That’s like beating a video game on easy.

Dwight who?: The Orlando Magic are now 1-0 in games where Daniel Orton is the starting center.

Punchline: The New Orleans Hornets (an NBA team) beat the Charlotte Bobcats (another NBA team) 75-67 last night. That’s the joke.

Other things: Here’s a Pulitzer-worthy video piece that makes Brad Miller’s retirement seem like the biggest story on Earth … Even Blake Griffin’s layups look cool now … Don’t expect the New Orleans Hornets to become the New Orleans Jazz any time soon … Want a snakeskin LeBron James jersey? Probably not, but you can get one … The Paul Silas Facepalm Timeline is all you need to know about the Bobcats’ season