I don’t know if we’re just a more observant online NBA society or if NBA players are just going down a rabbit hole to bizarro world, but between this, A.J. Price fake puking on Tyler Hansbrough and Shane Battier licking his own nose, this is quite possibly the strangest season to date. Maybe it’s because of the lockout? Doesn’t matter to me, because I’m loving it (McDonald’s).

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  1. The lowest point in professional sports. Really? Like, lower than whatever Mike Tyson did with ears during his professional career?

    Also, Hayward needs to suspended for trying to break Delonte’s finger with his earlobe. Low blow.

  2. It was a silly thing to do, but I love the announcers acting like he rammed a shiv into him or something. Lolz.

  3. I think this video needs more replays.

  4. One thing League Pass has taught me in the past few year is that the Jazz commentary team are the biggest bunch of whingers from all of the 30 NBA cities. They piss and moan at every call that goes against the Jazz, they piss and moan nearly more that the Clippers players. Nearly.

  5. That is the grossest thing ive ever seen.

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