Hate LeBron James all you want, but it’s pretty cool that he’d use his friendship with Jay-Z to introduce one of his teammates to his favorite rapper. Players see Jay-Z in the crowd and they be saying wassup.

Then he follows it up by making Jay-Z’s nephew’s life by giving him some shoes, some sweat and some accessories. Sure, that could serve as the basis for a LeBron James cloning kit, but it’s still a real nice gesture.

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  1. One has to wonder whether the pitcher/catcher mound-conference-style muttering between Jay-Z was either:

    A. ‘Ayyo, LeBreezy, it’s me, Aging Hova. My nephew, it’s his birthday…’

    B. Illuminati inside update/nephew is a future NBA star who needs to drink the holy sweat (which oddly is also known as ‘Michael’s secret stuff’).

  2. I been hating LeBron since before it was cool, but I’ll concede that he seems like a pretty nice person. Misguide, yes, full of himself, yes, psychologically brittle, yes at the worst possible times. But considering the d***sucking he’s been receiving nonstop since he was in highschool, it’s amazing he’s as well-adjusted as he is. Also, consider his mom.

    It’s difficult but important to separate the hateable opponent from the person that opponent actually is, and remember that most of their “crimes,” outside of a professional sports context, are things that regular folks are guilty of all the time. Vince Carter comes to mind. He is almost universally scorned (not by me), but is apparently a phenomenally nice human being. Maybe it isn’t important, I mean, I’m never going to meet these guys. Also, I’m not talking about athletes who commit actual crimes. They are fair game.

  3. It would be way more impressive if he did it for a kid who wasn’t with Jay-Z… where’s the love for the regular folk?

    • He does this at a lot of games. He usually picks one kid that’s a Heat fan in the stands and gives them his shoes and headband.
      In most games it’s for a charity org.

  4. I enjoyed how Bosh was hanging around at about 0:35, sort of looking like he hoped Jay-Z was going to look at or talk to him, then walks away. I like Bosh, he’s a dork though.

  5. i like lebrom james he is a nice guy i wonder why people keep saying he is arrogant, you people should allow the guy

  6. hello james i like you

  7. Infact,LBJ`s a very nice person. I really don`t care how LeBron haters says bad stuff about him.Obviously, he`s the 2011-2012 MVP,take it or leave it.A lot of people would say that the regular season means nothing whenever he plays a spectacular games and scores in fourth quarters in a clutch time. But whenever he does not excel in a game or passing the ball to his team mates in a fourth quarters then they turn around and say LeBron quit or he frozen.People, let the guy breath some air a little bit. Damn !!!………

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