Mike Woodson is the hottest thing in New York, taking the Knicks on a 14-5 run after taking over for Mike D’Antoni. That’s an even better winning percentage than when Linsanity was in full swing.

As such, in order to celebrate Woodson’s amazing run, TBJ is here to show you how to make your own Mike Woodson doll. It’s a cheap way to find some new motivation in your life.

First things first, we’ll need some supplies.

You’re going to need one large potato (Yukon Gold or Russett), one piece of black felt, one set of candy wax lips, six straight pins and a black Sharpie marker. You probably already have a lot of these things in your house, so this should be an inexpensive project.

After you have washed the potato, use four of the pins to secure the black felt long ways on one hemisphere of the potato.

Next, use the two remaining pins to place the wax lips on top of the black felt, about a quarter of the way down. This will serve as the goatee and mouth of your Mike Woodson doll.

For the final step, grab the Sharpie and draw eyes and a nose above the felt. Eyebrows are optional.

Now you’re done. It’s that easy. Let’s see the results.

Looks good! Let’s see what it looks like in action.

Pretty accurate, don’t you think? Carmelo Anthony can’t even tell the difference.

That’s all it takes to build your very own Mike Woodson doll. It’s a fun, easy and cheap way to make your home a little more Knicks. Good luck!

Total cost: $10 for a dozen of wax lips, everything else in house.
Total time: Three minutes, including washing the potato.