On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss the Knicks three-point barrage, Steve Novak’s celebration timing, ‘Melo’s passing, Amare’s return, Rondo’s injuries, the Sixers’ collapse, Paul George’s 360 windmill, Tony Parker abusing Sessions (and Steve Blake), and Pop starting Splitter over Blair. All that, plus two great mail questions: “Which stars in the league could improve an aspect of their game?” and “If you could change anything you wanted to about the NBA rules this offseason, what would it be and why?”

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Comments (17)

  1. Two stupidest rules:

    1. Over & back – there’s a shot clock, which ought to be enough reason to not screw about in the backcourt.

    2. Advancing the ball to halfcourt on late timeouts. Just. Stupid. Klosterman wrote about it a bit, but there’s no logical reason for it.

  2. Skeetsism @ 2:33

    Maybe + Probably = ‘Maybebly’

  3. About rule changes :

    Agree with Skeets on less TO but please no fixed TO for ads. Don’t like the reason and mostly, could kill the flow of the game, cutting a run for no reason. I think TO have their utility and can be essential some times. Just reduce them, don’t change the way they can use it.

    @ Muffin : the thing with over & back is it’s a weapon on pressure defense. Not having it would help ruin defense’s effort much more easily, no ?

    • In football the 2 minute warning only comes during dead play. It isn’t set in stone. The NBA could do the same.

  4. Re; Rule changes, I like what you guys suggested and in the same vein as Skeets to keep the game moving along and exciting I’d like to see less free throws. ie. Any time a player shoots multiple free throws the first one should be given automatic.

    • Meaning if a player shoots gets fouled attempting a shot, his team would be awarded one point and he’d only shoot one free throw? If that’s what you mean, that’s absolutely ridiculous.

      The negative impact a bad free throw shooter has on his own team is reduced significantly, for one. It also gives players added incentive to try and draw fouls, which may have the opposite effect. Free throws would become way more efficient for the offence.

    • I agree that the free throws need to be reduced. It’s a drag when you consider the amount of time fans are subjected to just watching players shoot free-throws. I’m not sure what the fix would be. Maybe if you commit a foul, you have to sit in a penalty box (like hockey) and no sub is brought in for you. So your team only has 4 players for a brief stretch. I know it sounds drastic but if you do away with free throws, you have to replace them with a proper disincentive for committing fouls. All I know is that watching a guy shoot free throws in a game is roughly about as exciting as watching a guy practice shooting free throws in a gym. And a significant chunk of every game is spent watching that.

  5. Andrew Bynum with defense would be scary.

    Would certainly like to see rule sin place to punish flopping.

  6. Rule changes :
    Punish flopping (the JVG idea was pretty good imo)
    Less TOs (and/or only on dead balls)
    The Tas idea

    Although the current use of timeouts probably increases the amount of clutch baskets, it also drags the game down with the foul & free-throw strategy being overused.
    I’d say the NBA loses more fans than it wins money in the last 2 minutes of most games.

    • Also :
      Andre Iguodala is underrated, but overpaid

      Which makes me think Andre Iguodala with a shot would be scary.

      Great-to-star players :
      Ibaka with a jumper.
      Rondo with a jumper.
      Hibbert with some better post moves or learning how to finish strong inside.
      McGee with a brain transplant.

  7. Game of Thrones ref, boom! Appreciated, Skeets.

    • Great start.

      Although I would’ve preferred “there’s men out there that want to fuck your corpses!”

  8. What are Tas’ breasts worth as conversation pieces?
    It’s for…umm…for a friend…

  9. when the first pixelated picture appeared during trivia time, my immediate answer was Jackie Moon

  10. By the way, regarding Carmelo and triple doubles, five times he has had 10+ points, 10+ rebounds and 7-9 assists. In his seven 10+ points, 10+ rebounds, 7+ assist games (meaning, including the two triple-doubles), he also has right around a 2:1 assist-to-turnover ratio in those games.

    • … For what it’s worth, he’s has five double-digit assist games in his career. He’s been one shy six other times.

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