As you can see from that photo up there, which was taken during last night’s Lakers-Spurs game, Justin Bieber is obviously a huge basketball fan. We all remember his MVP performance during the 2011 celebrity game, so it’s no wonder that he’d be so enthralled during a game between two of the the league’s best teams.

Sitting courtside for a game like that is pretty exciting, so let’s see just how much fun Biebdawg had at Staples Center.

“Ugggghhhh. This game is so BORING. Kobe’s not even playing. Selena, guess what? Yep, you’re right. I am trending on Twitter again.”

“What are you clapping about? Did something basketball happen? I wasn’t paying attention.”

“No, seriously. What are you clapping about? Was it basketball?”

“What? Was that like a sarcastic clap? Typical. Now you’re making faces. Great.”

“Whatever. I’m getting some ‘chos. No, I don’t care that the game is going on, OK? If I want ‘chos, I’m getting ‘chos.”

“Here. I got you some nachos.”

“Oh, so you’re not going to eat your ‘chos now? Fine.”

“You’re not going to eat your ‘chos, I’ll eat your ‘chos. Fine by me. Cheese is incredible.”

“Oh sure, play act like you’re not mad that I just ate your nachos. Real cool. Real mature. I’m so sure you’re that in to this game.”

“Basketball, sure. Go Lakers or whatever. These seats suck.”