As you can see from that photo up there, which was taken during last night’s Lakers-Spurs game, Justin Bieber is obviously a huge basketball fan. We all remember his MVP performance during the 2011 celebrity game, so it’s no wonder that he’d be so enthralled during a game between two of the the league’s best teams.

Sitting courtside for a game like that is pretty exciting, so let’s see just how much fun Biebdawg had at Staples Center.

“Ugggghhhh. This game is so BORING. Kobe’s not even playing. Selena, guess what? Yep, you’re right. I am trending on Twitter again.”

“What are you clapping about? Did something basketball happen? I wasn’t paying attention.”

“No, seriously. What are you clapping about? Was it basketball?”

“What? Was that like a sarcastic clap? Typical. Now you’re making faces. Great.”

“Whatever. I’m getting some ‘chos. No, I don’t care that the game is going on, OK? If I want ‘chos, I’m getting ‘chos.”

“Here. I got you some nachos.”

“Oh, so you’re not going to eat your ‘chos now? Fine.”

“You’re not going to eat your ‘chos, I’ll eat your ‘chos. Fine by me. Cheese is incredible.”

“Oh sure, play act like you’re not mad that I just ate your nachos. Real cool. Real mature. I’m so sure you’re that in to this game.”

“Basketball, sure. Go Lakers or whatever. These seats suck.”

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  1. Yet another example of someone trying so hard to be cool that it backfires.
    Gomez gained some points for being enthused with the game though.

    • Selena Gomez = Spurs fan. Justin Bieber = Lakers fan. Knowing that makes the pictures even more awesome. She’s totally rubbing the score in his face, and he’s pissed about it- just imagine him in every picture with the thought bubble “I can’t believe she’s a Spurs fan”. The first shot of him is definitely a “She wasn’t kidding about the Spurs- what have I gotten myself into?”-face.

      Here’s her posting a pic of her ticket stub with “LET’S GO SPURS!!! LET’S GO!!” Guess San Antonio has a new #1 celebrity fan, since it’s too awkward forEva Longoria to come to games anymore.

  2. What the fuck is with that hair? Looks like a porcupine is on his head.

  3. Biebers a Laker fan. Selena Gomez is from Texas. Lakers got killed in this game. Hence, sad Bieber is bad.

  4. Did they switch seats half way through? Just what are they trying to pull

  5. Dude looks exhausted.

    I bet he’s got a lot on his plate.
    And he was proly up all night slammin that 19 year old freak… so he’s a little groggy.

    It aint easy bein Beebs.

  6. Okay, 7th picture down. Check out the incredibly creepy look that dude is giving Selena Gomez.

    And he’s not helping his “No, I wasn’t staring at you. I was just looking at something else in that direction completely away from the basketball game I paid a lot of money to sit close to” case by wearing a Artest/World Peace shirt.

  7. Why is Justin’s pants so low, and a bandana? is he part of a gang? whats the purpose of the bandana? and does he know wearing ur pants so low makes you look pathetic, and walk like a penguin. and you look the opposite of cool. total loser

  8. Are you sure that isn’t a young Ellen Degeneres?

  9. Biebs and Selena were supporting opposing teams last night – of course every time she was happy he looked pissed, and the Spurs crushed the Lakers so it wasn’t a good night to be JB.

    • Exactly, I was sitting close to them and she was rooting for the damned Spurs. I wanted to throw my drink at her.

  10. I wondered where I had seen that hairstyle before and then it hit me…

    He’s been rickrolled!

    • Maybe his career is one big Rickroll, and his next album will be completely Rick Astley covers

  11. After finding out that Selena is a Spurs fan and Justin is a Laker fan killed it for me. Now the photos make sense. lol

  12. will never forget when the entire arena at MSG boo’d him when he was at the knicks game and they showed him on the jumbotron, good times.

  13. The Biebs is from Canada and he’s 11–how big a Lakers fan could he be?

  14. Leave Justin alone!!

  15. I like the idea that the people in front of them asked for a photo and then they said “only if we swap seats”.
    I hope that’s what happened.

  16. hahahhaha now this was just hilarious.

  17. Biebs is on his period so ease up!

  18. LOL this post is full of win.

  19. This has 24 comments as of now. way too much attention given to bibier, not enough to bball as a whole.

    • And we thank you for bucking that trend…

      You should go to the partypooper room, Robert is waiting for you there…

      I’m actually more disappointed when I see 65 comments to anything reguading either James or Kobe in any way…

      • LOL, Robert. I had almost forgotten about him. Has he continued party-pooping here or is this a call-back to that Full House post way back during the lock-out?

  20. I’m normally all for treating Bieber like a pinata, but if you showed pictures of me while watching the Hawks get blown out I’d look worse. Come to think of it though I’d still have thundersticks in hand, would look pissed, and occasionally would be yelling “defense” in spite of the score, so go ahead and bash him for giving up.

  21. I’m no huge Bieber fan but I think I would look pretty similar if my team was getting killed. Spurs took over in the second quarter and it really wasn’t pretty for any Laker fan. I would say that this shows that Bieber really does care about the Lakers because he was so bummed about their awful play.

  22. His face is more feminine than Selena’s face.

  23. someone create a meme of him and Bayside High’s infamous Zach Morris side by side and tell me who actually grew up in the 90′s haha.

  24. Gotta Love LA!!!

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  26. Justin ended up having fun by playing with that little girl sitting next to Selena. (:

  27. Ha!!!! basketball sucks anyway, may be he prefers cheerleading, funny thing is bieber is the new Aaron Carter and pretends to be K-Fed, Selena or whatever his name is tried so hard impersonating: jennifer lopez, selena quintanilla, iris chacon and mabel….rimshot!!! why people and panties-wetting preteens pays so much attention in such a talent-absence character like bieber, I mean…I would bump selena in the rear but I donĀ“t workship’er, does she sings or acts? what does she do anyway? why that last name in US? puaaagggg pop culture sucks hard nowdays, I see bieber is like a pet rock to any girl….actually he is phony phony phony phony…..

  28. looks like jb is haveing some funnn! and i bet he rather sing then watch like what people so wen they dont feel JB ISH they rather put on flo rida then JB hehehehhehe!!! oh i love these photos i need some laker tickets so i could see some scliberitys and some excitied and bord(JB) faces

  29. can you you show up at my house and sleep with me tonight justin drew bieber?

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