I know the Grammys aren’t for another 10 months, but it looks like the races for Record of the Year and Song of the Year are already over. Thanks for playing, all other songs, but this wins all the music awards that have been created and that will be created in the future. We’ve reached the zenith of recorded sound and this is it.

(via Justin Adler)

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  1. those first 15 shots are shots nobody should ever take in the nba, ever. heavily guarded. Melo misses these 5 times more than he makes them

  2. This is an awful song. Melo can’t play beside another great player except one that just focues on getting him the ball. He’s one of the most selfish players I’ve ever seen. He’s got tons of talent not denying that. I just don’t think he’s figured it out yet. Hero ball won’t get you rings, even though it may get you wins.

    • Whatever. You sound like a snitch.

      • It really doen’t matter what I sound like. The fact of the matter is I’m right. Melo needs to learn how to play basketball the right way. Very uncomfortable not being alpha dog all the time, every possesion. You don’t win rings like this, period. Name me one team who has.

    • Its funny you should call Melo a selfish player and not look to back up your point with any factual information other than what you “see”. That’s probably because the information your looking for doesn’t exist. It may come as a surprise to you that Carmelo ranks 4th in the NBA at his position for assists dishing out 3.7 a game. Those above him? Paul Pierce who is passing to the best three point shooter of all-time, Andre Iguodala who is a natural point forward and LeBron James. So before we play the “Melo is selfish and doesn’t pass the ball” Game, we should get our facts in order before making crude observations based on what ESPN has told us.

  3. You guys know Melo is the anti-LeBron, right? He’s good in the 4th, he plays like a superstar, even though his game isn’t quite there, he is great in interviews, and he plays with pride. I hope he proves both of you wrong. From a life long Boston fan.

    • If he was anti-lebron, he’d be awlful in the 1st three quarters tho. see what you mean tho. He did kinda screw everying up with nugs for a year with the MELOdrama thing. I hope he figures it out one day too but He keeps getting postivie reinforement for playiing the wrong way. Maybe He’ll pull a Z-BO and figure it out one day….I’m not rooting aginst him. He’s just a guy that won’t win.

  4. Look at the dumb babies who can’t appreciate a work of art such as this.

  5. This is quite possibly the greatest video ever produced anywhere ever.

  6. I’ve watched this video 16 times already. It makes me weep every time. So beautiful

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