To be fair to Jordan Hill, this was a really good crossover. Like REALLY good. You’d clap too if it happened right in front of your face.

Of course, you’re not being paid millions of dollars to specifically root against such scenarios, but that’s not the point. (It is kinda the point.) Great crossover is all I’m saying. Jordan Hill knows what’s up.

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  1. He realizes he shouldn’t applaud mid-clap. Awesome.

  2. He just came from another Texas team, so there has to be a grace period…right?

  3. He was applauding the effort by Sessions. “You’ll get him next time, Ramon!” is what he was saying through clapping.

    • @Dan – I think you’re right. Sessions at least made Parker go to the crossover. As opposed to Steve Blake’s “maybe if I stand perfectly still, nobody will notice I just got completely roasted” camoflauge defense from the first half (see clip in next post).

  4. I think he actually forgot what team he was on.

  5. belini gırmış oğlanın..

  6. Those Lakers have teamissues, first Bynum laughing over Pau getting dunked on now this.. Great team chemistry!

    Still nice crossover, TP was killing it

  7. In all fairness it isn’t like Hill ever really gets to play for the Lakers anyways. He’s probably confused about what team he is currently on.

  8. I do shit like that all the time, though. I’ll be watching a game and I kind of zone out, see a great play, and get all hyped, only to realize it was done against my team. That looks like that’s what happened here.

  9. I was sitting directly behind the LA bench at the game and Hill was clapping while saying “it’s all good Ramon, let’s go baby!”

    But saying that he is clapping at the crossover itself will definitely drive more page views, so let’s just go with that.

  10. If you look really well you can see he is trying to swat a fly.

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