Just kidding. You’ll totally guess.

From Sports Illustrated:

Which coach would you like to play for the…


Doc Rivers, Celtics 22%

Mike D’Antoni, 21%

Gregg Popovich, Spurs 16%

Rick Carlisle, Mavericks 6%

Rick Adelman, T-Wolves 5%


Stan Van Gundy, Magic 22%

Scott Skiles, Bucks 14%

Either NBA players don’t like playing for defensive-minded coaches who constantly scream, call them out in the press, require consistent effort on both sides of the court to get playing time and occasionally air their dirty laundry and make them look like idiots or Dwight Howard voted 22 times as often as the rest of the players surveyed. One of the two.

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  1. To be fair, I’m 99% sure this is only because Mike Dunleavy is not on the list anymore.

  2. Wow, no Thibs. I’d figure with what he did with Deng’s career, more guys would want to play for him. I’m a bulls fan but you have to think players would like to play for a guy who may win COY for 2nd straight time.

    • Well it seems from that list that the actual ability and resume of the coach isn’t that important…

      I can’t believe anyone thinks Mike D’Antoni is a better coach than either SVG or Skiles, it’s more like “oh, it seems fun to play for that guy !”. That sucks ‘tho. By that logic, I’m surprised Pop is that high.

      And Thibs doesn’t look like the guy who lets you hoist up poor shots without calling you out on it, he doesn’t seem fun (at all) and he doesn’t have the experience factor (and name-recognition) that all of those guys have…

      • I bet winning is pretty fun if you ask bulls….lol. It’s be good to play for him if you are a bench guy since he would treat you all the same but you have good points. Sad players don’t want to win as much as be coddled. Dwight Howard Syndrome?

  3. D’Antoni? Over Thibs?

    I guess players don’t want to win or get yelled out. They just want free reign to chuck up bricks and run around the court.

  4. No Vinny eh? Interesting

  5. No Del Negro? Stan Van is a great coach, NBA players are dumb. At least 22% dumb.

  6. Where would Phil Jackson have placed?

    • When Phil was coaching, the same poll put him #2 behind Stan. Now what does that say about Van Gundy or Jackson, for that matter? Kobe hated Phil, Dwight hates Stan. Their records speak for themselves, except Phil never coached without at least 2 superstars in the starting 5. Stan, as far as I’m concerned, has never had any!

  7. GEORGE KARL over anyone!!!

    • GK has never won it all. Still a great coach…He’s better now that he’s calmed down. no more furious george….

  8. It’s probably because NBA players are newly style-conscious and, according to this picture, Stan buttons the top button.

  9. D’Antoni makes sense. Playing for D’Antoni means stats. First you get the stats, then you get the money.

  10. If you don’t want to work hard enough to earn playing time, Stan’s not your man. Ask JJ what Stan has done for his career since he was begging to be traded.
    If this vote was by the win/loss record the outcome would be quite different.
    Time for crybabies to accept responsability (front office included) and man up. Stan will be hard to replace.

  11. Stan Van. Really?

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