As we all know, the Charlotte Bobcats are the worst team in the NBA, and as you probably know, they have a very realistic chance to become the worst team of all-time. They have two losing streaks of 16 or more games, and the only saving grace is that they are going to run out of games this season to break the 2010-11 Cavaliers’ record for most consecutive losses.

But still, even with a team this bad, they have to have goals, even if that goal is to not be the worst team ever. Oh by the way, that’s exactly what their goal is. From the AP:

”We don’t want to set that record,” Bobcats guard Gerald Henderson said. ”That’s something that we’re thinking about and we’ve talked about. We just want to win. That’s my sole goal. We’ve set goals for ourselves at the start of the season and haven’t accomplished hardly any of them. But with these last five games, that’s one that we’ve set and we want to accomplish that one.”

What a bummer. Not only have the Bobcats failed to reach most of their goals that they have set this season, the one goal they are most desperate to meet is another one that they probably won’t achieve. They still need one more win to best the 1972-73 Sixers and not go down in history as the team with the league’s worst winning percentage ever. Considering that of their five remaining games, three come against playoff teams and two come against the Kings and Wizards (5-0 against the Bobcats), things aren’t looking good.

And if that’s not depressing enough, how about this breakdown of a classic Bobcats sequence.

In the first half Matt Carroll had a breakaway layup but put if off the glass too strong and Byron Mullens, who seemed to be in position for a follow-up dunk, had the ball bounce off his hands and out of bounds for a turnover.

The crowd let out a collective ”Ugh!” as Carroll clapped his hands together in disbelief and glanced toward the heavens.

Amazingly, this play isn’t on the internet, because I think even the normally cruel internet has decided to take things easy on the Bobcats. They can’t score points, their coach fights their players, Eduardo Najera literally broke his head — the Bobcats are an old dog (irony) that needs to be put down because it’s horrible watching them suffer.

That being said, no matter what happens these last five games, it’s worth keeping track of. Either we witness history and get to see the worst team ever, or the Bobcats somehow pull this off and we get to celebrate them avoiding a terrible record. Win-win for us, but probably lose-lose-lose-lose-lose for the Bobcats.

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  1. AND it’s unlikely they’re going to end up getting the much need Anthony Davis in the draft (only 4x in the history of the lottery has worst team won). There goes the Bobcats hopes of winning 12 games next season.

  2. I’d just like to point out that I can’t imagine that their goal of not being the worst team of all time can’t be a new thing. My guess would be that they knew they were really terrible at the beginning of the season.

    So, if you think about it, they knew they needed 8 wins on the season a while ago… like when they were 7-36.

    That means that at that point their goal was to NOT LOSE 23 GAMES IN A ROW.

    And yet, they’re probably going to fail to accomplish what sounds like the easiest goal ever.

  3. One other thing to remember is that I’m pretty sure they started out either 2-0 or 2-1 and yet have somehow only won 5 games since. It’s unprecedented awfulness

  4. The Bobcats beat the Toronto Raptors in their first two games and came one wide-open Byron Mullens 3-pointer away from sending the third game into overtime.

    He airballed it.

    The Raptors “won”

  5. I think the important thing to realize is that the Bobcats didn’t tank to get worst record. They got it the old fashioned way by just sucking.

  6. That’s what you get for sending away Gerald Wallace who helped you beat the Lakers each and every time around.

  7. I cant wait till the playoffs start.

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