On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss the busiest night of the NBA season to date. Talking points include: the controversial no-call/call between Chris Paul and Miller in the Clips-Nugs, Kenyon Martin steppin’ up, Mo Williams on fire, Dirk’s second half, Harden’s no-look pass to Durant, the Suns uninspired defense, and “Paul Rondo,” Avery Bradley and the Atlantic Division Champion Celtics. All that, plus a dangerous “Wanker of the Week” pick, Deion Sanders, and Paul Molitor. HUM NOW BASEBALL! HUM NOW!

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Comments (15)

  1. Players from 2009 Draft:

    Blake, Harden, Tyreke, Rubio, Stephen Curry, DeMar DeRozan, Brandon Jennings, Psycho T, Jrue Holiday, Ty Lawson, Teague, Maynor, Collison, Beaubois, Gibson, DeJuan Blair, Danny Green, Patty Mills, and Hasheem Thabeet baby!


    • Whoa whoa whoa. I was going to leave a nearly identical comment, which is befitting because we have nearly identical names. I was going to also mention that there were also a lot of really exciting rookie seasons from late picks, and I also gotta add in Casspi, Budinger and Jerebko. Also, you are a no good name stealing buffoon.

  2. I’ve noticed 2 habits of Skeets’ over the years: First, he says “there” very often, and second, he says “good stuff” after many of Tas/Trey’s special things (Wanker, Nower rankings…) and also after a lot of the tweets. I wish I was a psychologist so that this information could be at all meaningful, but instead, at best it will lead to some sort of inconclusive and pointless introspection, and at worst will lead to global armageddon (I think that’s the worst possible scenario for everything).

  3. My two favorite worlds collide…

    The almost Whoa Boy + Game of Thrones = https://twitter.com/#!/GameOfThrones/media/slideshow?url=http%3A%2F%2Ftwitpic.com%2F9awxaq

    “I’m not questioning your honour, Lord Janos…I’m denying its existence.” – Tyrion

  4. Where can I find the video of the final play from the Clips-Nuggs game? The NBA has some how left it out of their highlight package.

  5. Skeets, “Can you hear me?” Tas, “What”? without flinching…great stuff. The Delonte fingering ear cavaties creeped me out beyond beyond….who knows where his finger was before he did that…yuck dude! Haywood should sue the dude for that classless act.

  6. to combine thoughts with yesterday’s show, and Mo’s ridiculous buzzer beater, the NBA rulebook definitely has to add the 4-point circles from the Globetrotters. Mo was totally shooting from the circle, he just got confused. Maybe Jamario Moon was giving him pointers last season.

  7. FYI Skeets, you also say ‘atrocious’ a lot.

  8. just noticed that NBA DOT FUCKING COM has an EXTRA SEGMENT for the basketball jones now! on the friggin first page! next to the nba.com writers! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!?!?
    congrats my virtual friends! i am so proud of you.

  9. Why so short this morning gentlemen!? :’( (that’s what she said! hehehe)… I hope this means we are in store for the mother of all overdoses’
    Australia loves you!

  10. I’m not really comfortable with any brand of willy-slicing, Tas. You should hear your doctors quite often about your ears.

  11. Was that a new song after the trivia at about 17.45?

  12. What do you mean by you’re not the type of guy that wears zero? I wasn’t aware there was a type…what’s wrong with zero?

    Also this is my 5th attempt at writing a comment….everything so far has been called spam by your website

  13. Deion Sanders a better athlete than Bo Jackson? We can’t know how good Bo was cause he got hurt, but MY GOD!!! arm like a cannon, ran like a truck? Have you never played Tecmo Super Bowl?!!?!?! ;p

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