How many NBA players do you think have portraits of themselves in their homes? Most? All? Only the superstars?

It’s impossible to know, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer is somewhere north of 50 percent. What we do know is that Carmelo Anthony definitely has a Carmelo Anthony painting, thanks to his wife, La La Vasquez, spilling the beans to the New York Post.

Have you recently purchased any artwork? What is your favorite piece?

This past Christmas, we purchased a huge, modern picture of my husband from the artist Paul Gerben, whose studio is located in SoHo. It was great to be directly in touch with the artist himself, which enabled us to create this fantastic, very large and abstract piece that we love.

The couple also has a portrait of their son, but that’s not the one that’s hanging above their fireplace. The only thing this picture is missing is Carmelo taking the bull by its horns. Then it’d be a perfect metaphor and also a direct callback to a scene from “Dodgeball.” A Ben Stiller obsession would explain the portrait and the super thick headband.

(via Marcel Mutoni)