Last night, the New York Knicks beat the New Jersey Nets. Nothing newsworthy about that considering the Knicks are 6-1 against their cross-river rivals in the past two seasons. However, what is newsworthy is that there were so many Knicks fans in attendance that Carmelo Anthony said, ”It felt like a home game for us.”

That in and of itself also isn’t a big deal, since we all know there are more Knicks fans than Nets fans. But since the Nets are moving to Brooklyn, that means this sort of thing can happen over and over and over again, since the Nets and Knicks will be sharing a city. Things could pretty embarrassing for the Nets, especially if Brook Lopez is their star player.

No need to worry though. The Nets CEO promises that sort of thing will never happen at the Barclays Center. From the New York Daily News:

“The nights where there are more fans for the opposing team than ours won’t happen in Brooklyn,” Nets CEO Brett Yormark told the Daily News. “We’ll have diehard fans that are going to grow up as Brooklyn Nets fans.”

Oh sure. The Nets are moving closer to the Knicks, so there are going to be less Knicks fans at the games when the two teams play each other? Because of babies? Makes total sense.

Maybe I am crazy, but I have a hard time believing that being in New York means there are going to be less New York fans at Nets games. That seems completely backwards to me, but maybe I am underestimating how loud infants can cheer for the Nets and also their ability to speak and understand English. Or maybe they’re counting on these fans who “grow up as Brooklyn Nets fans” to age rapidly, get jobs so that they can pay for tickets and then go to the games. I have seen “Jack,” so I know that this sort of thing is possible. Plus, “Nets” does seem like an easy first word to learn, so maybe Brett Yormark knows what he is talking about.

I guess we’re not going to know the true answer to this until next year. By then, there could be a whole gang of Nets loving babies speaking perfect English and toddling around Brooklyn with their pacifiers and basketballs, just wreaking havoc on the cereal aisle of the borough’s numerous bodegas. Sure, it sounds terrifying, but that’s exactly why it’ll keep Knicks fans away from the Barclays Center.

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  1. Anyone, like myself, who has moved to NYC in the last 12 years will gladly root for the Nets. The Knicks are a circus with outrageously high ticket prices.

  2. If the knicks are a circus then the nets are a carnival. Not a good one either… one of those ones that they put up over night in a parking lot. I just mean both are awful.

  3. They swung for the fences w/ Deron and it (likely) won’t pan out.
    Can’t be too down on them about an injury to B-Lo, or they would be in the playoffs.

    Not nearly as bad as the Knicks recent history. Even, post Isiah.
    Unless Prokorov really does go Van Damme on Cuban.

  4. Meh. The Jets and Mets do fine for attendance. His hypothesis is ok, but his reasoning is definitely very silly.

  5. Yes, of course! Yeah, what? The only thing that would keep Knicks fans away is if they all were from Manhattan and wouldn’t dare to go to Brooklyn. But I doubt it’s like we’ll see a Marcy Project Patrol outside Barclay’s. Or wait, is he planning this? Sorry, not meaning to be racist, just find this real silly of him.

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  7. Mets do fine for attendance. His hypothesis is ok, but his reasoning is definitely very silly.

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