Ballin: In last night’s win over the Suns, James Harden became the third bench player ever to tally 40 points and four steals in a single game. The other two? Walt Williams and Darius Miles, of course.

Not so much: People don’t want the Philadelphia 76ers in the playoffs because they’ve been brutal these past two months. Considering their ostensible replacement, the Milwaukee Bucks, let the Wizards score their second-most points (121) of the season, maybe we should just cancel the East’s last playoff spot.

Shammgoodness: You guys remember God Shammgod? Chris Paul does.

Not quite as exaggerated as the official God Shammgod super crossover, but it’s still fun to see this move in the NBA.

End it, please: The Chicago Bulls, playing without their two All-Stars, beat the Bobcats 100-68, giving Charlotte their 18th straight loss. It’s also their second straight game scoring less than 70 points. Just get these guys to the summer already.

Burbling: Andre Iguodala totally got Lou Williams with a fifth grade prank last night.

Between this and trashing him for not being able to guard anyone, I’m starting to think Andre Iguodala doesn’t like Lou Williams very much.

Nickname alert: Have the Suns announcers always called Jared Dudley “The Groundhog” or is this a new thing? Either way, I’m cool with it.

Boring: Carmelo Anthony scored more than 30 again and the Knicks won again. That’s like a whole week without any season-threatening catastrophe or controversy, which is probably a record for the Knicks this season. Let’s hurry up and get Amar’e Stoudemire back so things can get crazy again.

Revenge: Here’s Kenyon Martin, owning the Nuggets because he used to play for them but now he doesn’t, I guess?

Give this guy some dreads and he’s the next Kenneth Faried, am I right?

Congrats: Last night’s win over the Magic clinched the Atlantic Division title for the Celtics. That’s been their ultimate goal this season, so it’s nice that they can relax.

Utter defeat: Not only did the Lakers beat the Warriors by 12, their owner also insisted on getting his picture taken with Kobe Bryant. Flawless victory for LA.

Other things: Utah beat Portland on the same night the Thunder beat the Suns, so Utah has a half-game lead for the last Western Conference playoff spot … Delonte West’s dry willy cost him $25,000, which is just another reason why you shouldn’t stick your fingers in another person’s ears … Good luck not thinking Luke Babbitt looks like Peggy Olson ever again … Andrew Bynum is Mr. Cool Interviews … Kobe Bryant is coming back Friday barring his leg actually falling off