Considering he just happens to be wearing a new pair of Jordans with his dress pants, you have to wonder if this is a guerrilla marketing stunt. That is the world we live in and those are the questions we have to ask since we are all doggedly pursuing the truth like a dog pursuing something it really wants.

Nonetheless, even if this is buzz marketing, it’s still pretty cool for a bunch of random dudes to get to hoop with Dwyane Wade. I’d sign every waiver you’ve got it meant I got to play two-on-three with Dwyane Wade. I’d even let him take the last shot if he wanted.

(via SportsGrid)

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  1. ‘SHOOT IT.’ Wade plays for keeps.

  2. Yeah it’s gotta be guerrilla. They don’t show his shoes until he’s on the court. Classic guerrilla technique. Just ask Che Guevara.

  3. The blonde kid on his team couldn’t have been more underwhelmed! What the fuck man?! LIVE A LITTLE!

  4. Probably about as cool of a marketing ploy as you can do. He probably made these kids year just by doing this. Good on him for finding a way to sell a product in a way that is actually pretty awesome.

  5. unfortunately it is just a commercial

  6. The fact that he says, “This is not a commercial” immediately makes it pretty clear that it’s a commercial.

    I don’t think his blond teammate made anything. They never showed the basket when he shot. Talk about pressure on that 12 year old. You think it’s bad when your random teammate tells you to shoot when you don’t want to? When Wade tells you to shoot it, you better goddamn shoot it, even if you’re not feelin’ good about the shot.

    • If that kid were Lebron, I bet he would have passed it right back.
      And I am a Lebron fan, but its a sure bet.

  7. That was really cool of Dwane Wade.

  8. Notice how DWade didn’t dunk on those kids? Are you listening LeBron?

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