I thought it was ridiculous when the guys from the new “Three Stooges” hosted “Monday Night Raw,” but an in-game NBA promo is taking things too far. Nyuk nyuk NO!

But since it’s the Stooges, nobody was actually hurt. Tyreke Evans stayed in the game and Manu Ginobili left due to a non-serious cut on his ear and the fact that the Spurs were playing the Kings in April. Classic Gregg Popovich hijinks. He’s a big-time Curly fan.

(via Sports Grid)

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  1. A time to go by my name. Oarrr, sh*t.

  2. Obvious double foul there. Hope the ref stepped up and made the right call!

  3. Manu with the extra bonus of having to stare up Stephen Jackson’s shorts while laying on the floor in pain.

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