If this had happened to Justin Bieber the internet may have literally exploded. Good thing it only happened to a Biz Markie impersonator because I like the internet.

(via Larry Brown Sports)

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  1. If your just gonna sit there and text instead of actually watching the game, give those amazing seats to someone who loves basketball but can’t afford to go. I wish that anyone texting during the game (timeouts, halftime don’t count) would be forced to sit right up in the nosebleeds and send someone actually watching down to court side.

  2. What if he is calling his buddy and saying ” Man I cant believe I got these amazing seats”, and then this happens and everyone rips him for not being a real fan.

  3. I bet he was tweeting a play-by-play

  4. Surely more Cedric The Entertainer than Biz!?

  5. Apparently he just found out his just found out his girl was just hanging out with “a friend”. And we all know what that really means. You gotta wonder if he’s ever gonna find a girl that gives him what he needs.

  6. bieber; internet; cedric the entertainer…who’s the girl?

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