If you like animals, are a big softie or simply have allergies that act up when sad stories come out, I’ll advise you to acquire one to three tissues before reading this quote from DeMarcus Cousin, explaining the “RIP Roscoe” he’s had on his shoes recently.

Got your tissues? Good. Here we go, from the Sacramento Bee:

When asked about it, Cousins explained that his 18-week-old bulldog died last week after suffering an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

“He just collapsed in his crate while I was on our last road trip,” Cousins said. “We had an autopsy done and everything because we wanted to know what happened. The (veterinarian) said it was from a bee sting.”

Great. As if I wasn’t worried enough about Yams the Brown Dog limping because she insists on jumping out of the bed even though her legs are way too short to support her body, now I have to worry that she might be allergic to bee stings that can kill her when I’m not even home. Ugh. Bees are the worst.

Hug your animal extra tight tonight. Give ‘em some extra pets and a treat or something, because you never know when some stupid bee is going to come by and ruin everything. At the very least, DeMarcus Cousins will appreciate the notion. We need to stick together in times like these.