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On today’s show, The Jones discuss the controversy surrounding Dwight Howard’s season-ending back injury, the polarizing return of Amar’e Stoudemire in New York, the difficulty in picking the All-NBA Teams, and our favorite stories, quotes and moments from the 2011-2012 shortened season.

All that, plus Leigh’s “Tweet of the Weak,” some pun-gun fun, NBA song parodies, and much, much more!

So give your eyes a rest, and embrace this audio explosion.


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  1. Why wouldn’t Team USA want Bynum? He’s the best C by default!

  2. Made me snort at work… I work in an open office… not cool guys.

  3. NBA 1st: CP3, Westbrook, LeBron, Durant, Howard
    NBA 2nd: Parker, Kobe, J.R. Smith, Love, Bynum
    NBA 3rd: Nash, Rondo, Iggy, Aldridge, Chandler

    Honorable Mentions: Harden, D-Will, Bosh, Garnett, Ibaka, Melo, Gasols, Rose, Rudy Gay, Lowry, Pierce, Dirk

    What would he be if he had horrible posture? Iman Slumpert

    • Did you put J.R. in there instead of Melo on purpose ?
      I’d say
      1st Paul, Parker, LeBron, Durant, Howard

      Don’t really care to do the complete 3 team.

      would have been nice to hear some all-defensive talk, guys !

  4. 1st Team: CP3, Wade, LeBron, Durant, Howard
    2nd Team: Kobe, Parker, Love, Melo, Bynum
    3rd Team: Rondo, Westbrook, Dirk, Smith, Big Al

    • 1st: Paul, Kobe, James, Durant, Bynum
      2nd: Parker, Westbrook, Love, Dirk, Chandler
      3rd: Wade, Harden, Aldridge, Griffin, Howard

  5. What’s his favorite Aerosmith song? “Dream on” Shumpert

  6. That song segment was glorious

  7. What about Adele’s “Someone Like Jan (Vesely)”

  8. You guys have obviously no clue what a herniated disc does to you body.
    I had one and I didn’t walk for two weeks. There is no trough the pain no way.

  9. Outlaw’s twitter handle (the “Sippi” part) is because he’s from Mississippi, in case anyone was curious.

  10. Ha once I saw Lionel Richie’s picture, I knew what time it was! Thanks for having the song of the year on this overdose.

    And is it me or did you guys skip Tas’ 3rd team selections? Guess I’ll have to listen to it again to see..

    And 1st team selections are without a doubt: Lin, Shumpert, Melo, Novak, and Chandler….

    Nah I’m kidding… It’s Melo, Melo, Melo, Melo and Melo. Honorable Mention: Melo.

  11. Tas Melas,

    You disapoint me my friend… And you were my favorite jones…

    Didn’t Suns just won in Utah pretty comfortably like two weeks ago? Ok, it was close at the end but Suns twice got +10/15 pts lead… Plus that one early in Phx… And that schedule thing? Sure is tough but Denver at home is beatable don’t you think? At Orlando is not a walk through the park, wouldn’t you say? While Spurs game could mean more to Spurs, if Suns win at Utah, which is totally possible… I don’t have problem with you stating your opinion but the way you said it man, it is just to disrespectfull… that is just not very nice… Suns have one of the best records after All Star break, why are you so strogly dismissing them?… You too Leigh LOL… Way to go TK…

    You just have that crush on them, you talk abot them ten times more than suns, and look at their records?

    Great show guys as usual… Well except this Melas thing… :-)

    Sorry for my english

    • Mariolino, sometimes you just gotta take a chance with your predictions. And since I made the prediction that Utah would get there a month ago, I gotta stay strong.

      Anything can happen, but more likely than not, I WILL WIN THIS BATTLE!

  12. Darko Ah-Ne!
    Roster prediction:

    Bynum’s inside game doesn’t translate well to the perimeter-oriented style of FIBA. The reason why Dwight/Odom worked so well was they could run the floor. Surprised Granger wasn’t invited, he could stretch the floor.

  13. I would say that the lockout has as much to do with the injuries and ugly basketball as the shortened schedule. If guys had access to trainers all offseason and actually practiced together, then you wouldn’t have all the same problems.

    Also, Leigh, I don’t see any of the major American sports abandoning divisions any time soon. I agree that it’s a cool idea, but I don’t see it. However, how do you think it would effect the playoff races? No more division races. You’d still have the overall best record to chase, but only one race determining home court at the 8/9 spots and then a mad dash at the bottom with a bunch of teams all trying to get into your 14-16 area.

    I’m not sure you’d be able to talk people into loosening grips on their traditional rivalries in divisions and conferences, but if a couple games fell a certain way, there could be a 7v10 match up this year of Lakers/Celtics. That would have people talking.

    • @Ben,

      I don’t actually think the NBA will abandon the divisions & conferences, but I wish they would. I think the 16 teams with the best records deserve to make the playoffs, regardless of their geographical location.

      What does it really mean to win your division or conference? Consider that the Timberwolves & Thunder both play in the “Northwest” division. Only winning the Championship counts.

      The Raptors have one, lonely Atlantic Division banner hanging from the ACC rafters, but it might as well be a t-shirt. It means nothing.

      I also don’t think that the league would reduce the season to 58 games, but I think if they did, it would improve the quality of games (by making less of them, it increases the value of each one). A 58-game season also means that every team plays each other once at home & once away, making it a fair and even schedule.

      I would then seed the teams like a tennis tournament where 1 vs. 16, 2 vs. 15 etc etc.

      I know the NBA will never permanently reduce the amount of games in the regular season though.

      – Leigh

      • It seems like back when travelling across the country from east-to-west was an issue, playing teams in your conference more often made sense. But now it’s a non-issue with air travel, and it would be even less so if the number of games were reduced.

        I like the idea of 58 games, because every game means more in terms of weight of your record. People like to complain when the Spurs sit out their Big 3, so don’t you think Pop would be less inclined to do that if the schedule was shorter where 1 game out of 58 means more than 1 game out of 82? Not to mention, there would be no reason to rest your stars if the schedule was lighter.

      • I’m really into this idea… maybe it’s an Aussie thing.

        Alas, the almighty dollar always wins out, and the NBA won’t want to say goodbye to 24 games of revenue per team.

    • “I would say that the lockout has as much to do with the injuries and ugly basketball as the shortened schedule.”

      This. Someone (I think Kevin Pelton) compared this season to the last few and found no statistical difference in average number of games lost due to injury, apart from a stretch in the first several weeks.

      I think it’s just a cognitive thing. We don’t have a definitive baseline level for what counts as a lot when it comes to injuries, so whenever a bunch happen it seems unusual. Yet most injuries don’t seem to stay in our memories for long – instead we tend to remember all of the crazy/fun moments – which leads to the recency effect of the current season always seeming like there are more serious injuries than usual. It does seem like every year we end up saying “wow, there have been a lot of big injuries this year, especially to guys who were playing great.”

  14. Donovan’s 1968 hit, “Birdy Birdy Man.”

    ‘Twas then when the Birdy Birdy Man
    Came singing songs of love
    Then when the Birdy Birdy Man
    Came singing songs of lo-o-ove,
    Birdy Birdy, Birdy Birdy, Birdy Birdy, Birdy he sang…

  15. LeBron or Kobe, Kobe or LeBron: who would be a better teammate on a Top Chef partner challenge?

    Kobe is more worldly and a perfectionist, but LeBron is more accustomed to dealing with constraints (as in his Cleveland teams and childhood) and perhaps easier to work with.

  16. This has got to be one of the best overdose this year JUST BECAUSE of the NBA song parodies. I couldn’t stop laughing at work

  17. 1.What is Shumperts favorite ice cream? Shumpbert
    2. What street does shumpert live on? 21 Shump Street

  18. Amare actually came off the bench the year he came back from microfracture surgery. He was awful. D’Antoni then put him back in the starting lineup and he blew up.
    See ’06 – ’07

  19. Blake Griffin? Gotta be fucking kidding me! Most overrated player in the NBA.
    Also, Skeets you’ve been banging on about Tony Parker for MVP all year, saying he should be getting MVP votes, and then he’s on the third team? Thats insane.

  20. What happens when the Knicks have Mexican food for lunch?
    Iman JumpFarts


  21. Hey Guys,

    Where did you find Amare’s PER when playing the 4-spot?

    Please advise. Thank you.

  22. What will you miss about this season.

    How was Kerby’s not Brad Miller?!

  23. Tas killed it with the parody songs

  24. i notice that this week there is no download link to the overdose podcast on espn radio.where can i download used to listen while im joging.can u give me a audio link.
    your the best….

    • There’s a link at the bottom of the post under the player to download the mp3 directly. You can also subscribe to The Basketball Jones on iTunes.

  25. How about this guy to play Center for USA in the olympics:

    Kinda not kidding about this… How great would this be?

  26. The singing is seriously hilarious!

  27. Tas, u r the funniest dude ever man. darko darko ane

  28. wait, why were you guys talking about utah’s “two forwards” as all-nba possibilities? you do realise jefferson has started every single game he’s played at centre, right?

    also: i would have steve nash on the all-nba first team. swap, say, the suns and lakers backcourts –nash and dudley for sessions and kobe– and the lakers are phenomenal, prob’bly better than they currently are with nash setting up gasol and bynum for the easiest, most high-percentage of baskets. but, in phx, kobe is gunning 30 times a game, marcin gortat is rich man’s kwame brown, and the suns are 20 games under .500 with kobe demanding alvin gentry be fired and channing frye set on fire.

    i’d go like:
    1st: cp3, nash, durant, lebron, love (hey, he started at c when pekovic went out!)
    2nd: parker, kobe, pierce, p. gasol, bynum.
    3rd: rondo, westbrook, j. smith, dirk, chandler.

    no d-ho for me, too big a tool. rose sat half the year, can’t have him. love the harden vibes, though; he’s super-awesome…

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