Kevin Love hasn’t played a basketball game for nearly two weeks, so you can understand that he might be getting bored. And when people get bored, they do some crazy things, like I don’t know, shave their beard in to a mustache. That’s what Kevin Love did at least, posting the results to Twitter because no one loves a good mustache more than the internet.

And since this is the internet, now seems like an appropriate time to turn Kevin Love and his new mustache in to a meme of sorts. Just throw a little Impact font on it and Mustachioed Kevin Love becomes a very friendly character.

It’s easy. Please, I implore you, create your own and post them in the comments or on our Facebook page. Godspeed.

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  1. Hi.

    I am so turned on right now.

  2. Kevin Love, 3 years in a row without winning a game in April.



  4. hi.

    what’s your name?

  5. HI KIDS

    I’ll give you tons of candy if you get into my van

  6. Hi Miss

    Oh you don’t have money for this pizza? Maybe you can pay ANOTHER way…

  7. Hi

    My favorite band doesn’t exist yet

  8. Nice try but Ricky Rubio’s response tops this whole post

  9. Hi

    Nothing really matters.
    Anyone can see, nothing really matters.
    Nothing really matters to me.


  11. Hi
    Check out my windowless van

  12. Hi

    I’m an image macro, not a meme

    • Kind of like how a square is still technically a rectangle, an image macro is still a meme.

      • Ah yes, but only if it spreads and is recognizable by the wider culture. Slapping an image macro together and calling it a meme is putting the cart before the horse. I guess that means we need to make this popular…I better put this up on Reddit…

  13. Gosh, he is handsome.

  14. Hi, I’m Michael Fassbender’s gangly younger brother.

  15. This is what internet academics call “trying to force a meme”. You should note this is frowned upon.

    Something is a meme only if a wide variety of people have fun with it, not if one person has varying ways of having fun with it. A good meme starts with impromptu meme-worthy material and quickly gets out of hand, it is not decided by one person (or even 20) that something is a meme. Decreting “this is now a meme, lol” is one sure way to be sure it isn’t, just ask Milhouse.

    And this pic isn’t even meme-worthy… there are plenty better mustaches out there.

    Stop it Kerbs, your humour doesn’t suit memes. A lot of pictures posted by you on this site are meme-worthy (and I’m pretty sure some of them have become memes), and that should be enough for you.

    If you want to be able to into memes, then do it the same way any other casual person does : on another website where you aren’t “famous”.

    I just hope I didn’t accidentally your ego.

  16. And the ‘stache of the year award goes to…………..

  17. Breyzh has meme envy…for starters.

  18. Kevin Love channeling his inner Portland roots

  19. Die a thousand times

  20. Hi
    I mustache you a question.

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