Ballin: Standard 27-11-6 line for LeBron James last night. It’s the ninth time this season he’s gone for at least 25-10-5, which is once more than the number of times the next two guys (Josh Smith and Kevin Durant) have done it combined.

Not so much: Your choice of who laid a bigger egg — the Rockets or the Bucks — but they both really needed a win last night. I’ll take the Bucks, just because their loss put them so much further out of the playoffs.

DPOY: Reconfigure your Defensive Player of the Year ballot immediately. Sebastian Telfair’s season-saving block has something to say about it.

Jared Wade put it best — “Always figured this game would be decided by Sebastian Telfair’s defense.”

Shouts to my peeps: Don’t know if you were watching “30 Rock” last night, but there was a Kevin Garnett shoutout. I’m going to guess Hannibal Burress wrote that one.

Fly pattern: In high school, this was a nine route.

No wonder the Colts were OK with cutting Peyton Manning.

Smarts: It was like a stupid foul convention last night. Robin Lopez, James Jones, and Larry Sanders all spoke at the conference. Dwyane Wade made an appearance but wasn’t one of the keynotes.

A$AP: Jared Dudley seems Blake Griffin on the court and he’s saying wassup.

Guess who didn’t really want to fight here? Both of these guys because it’s expensive to do so.

Big ups: Last night’s Bucks loss guarantees the Knicks will make the playoffs. Quite the accomplishment for the team with the sixth-highest payroll in the NBA to achieve in the last week of the season.

Other things: You might have heard this, but Dwight Howard is done for the season and is going to miss the Olympics. That story really seems to have gotten around … The Timberwolves and Pistons allegedly played last night, but I can’t find proof that anyone saw that happen … Everything you ever wanted to know about Mike Bibby and Miles Simon wearing Foamposites … In case you’re wondering what Keith Van Horn is up to besides being one of my late 90s/early 2000s players … Patrick Ewing’s shoes are coming back