Ep. 806: Peace Out

On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas discuss their winners and losers of the NBA weekend. (Take a wild guess who we start with.) In the doghouse: Metta World Peace/Ron Artest/Snake Eggs Crazy Pills’ vicious elbow, Reggie Evans, the Golden State Warriors’ cornerstones, The Boomers, and the Rockets. On the honor roll: Amar’e Stoudemire, Mike Woodson, and the ridiculously deep Spurs. All that, plus Trey’s “Now-er Rankings,” which includes air eating, M.J., and a foul ball.

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  1. Video is private :(

  2. No problem. We just had a setting clicked incorrectly. I might have hit it with my elbow.

  3. Knicks also still have a shot at 6th.. Orlando is only up 2 games on them.. So if Knicks win their last 2 games against Clippers and Bobcats and Orlando loses against Bobcats and Grizzlies then Knicks move up to 6th since they hold the tie breaker..

    It isn’t so farfetched since Orlando has already lost to Bobcats earlier this season and this time they will be facing them without Jameer, Dwight or Hedo… and Grizzlies will definitely take care of this depleted Orlando roster. So If Knicks take care of business, we could very well be seeing Knicks vs Pacers when playoffs start.

  4. I agree with the flopping stuff bBut I doubt it can be fixed in-game. The league needs to review after the game and fine players etc. You cant really have refs checking every play on the screens without having tons more official timeout (and I know how much TBJ hates timeouts)

  5. Watchin all mornin, ESPN and TBJ haven’t pointed out this isn’t Mike Brown’s first Ron Artest rodeo:


    I take a different angle on this play. I don’t think Metta was conscious during the play and fully knew what he was doing. This might revert to some childhood trauma that he had and that kicks in the heat of the moment. Anyone that has studied some childhood psychology knows what I’m talking about. It can be compared with post traumatic stress disorder.

    Does this excuse the cock-back knockout? No. But it does add the human element to it that we love to take away from a player when watching a slow-motion replay.

    • I don’t see how your angle is different from Skeets’ or Tas’ (I don’t remember which one) saying that Artest wasn’t himself and just went crazy.

      The behaviour after (the eyes, the weird shorts-grabbing) seems rather irrationnal too.

  6. How are you guys liking this season of Game of Thrones so far?

  7. Thabo didn’t step out of bounds on that play in the Lakers / Thunder game — the ball did. The first time they showed it, the network focused on Thabo’s foot and got all us viewers worried that the game was about to be tainted by a bogus call, but they went back to the replay a few minutes later and it showed that the ball CLEARLY bounced out.

  8. Tas’s reenactment = priceless.

  9. pre-Metta-tated

  10. Warrior fan here, and I think the surgeries were good moves at this moment. Better do them now so they can heal up during the summer and be ready for training camps, instead of come into training camp and finding out that there are still problems.

    Bogut isn’t a big worry for me because his big injuries aren’t chronic and he’ll be fine, but Curry still scares me. I’m hoping his surgery can make me feel more certain about next year.

  11. The player formerly known as Ron Artest should have been excused from the NBA back in 2004. Way to stay classy Lakers…

  12. Dear TBJ

    Longtime listener, first time caller. I started listening/watching your wonderful show at the beginning of the season, since I first heard you on Grantland and have since watched almost every day. I deeply respect you but I am fed up. Over the past 3 years I have consistently heard the national media slam the Hawks. As a Hawks season ticket owner and a very personal friend as to one of the owner’s sons (we go to high school together), I am deeply offended. The Hawks always get criticized for overpaying Joe Johnson, the lack of care in the ownership, the boring and “lackluster” style of our team, and being an overall mess. I admit that Joe Johnson somewhat overpaid, but he has made 6 straight all star games. Joe Johnson isn’t even one of the top 10 highest paid player in the league, but I always hear about how he is the highest paid player in the NBA. Joe Johnson has been extremely clutch this season and he and Jsmoove have carried this Hawks team in the absence of Al Horford. The Hawks are 7th highest paid team in the NBA. Everybody think the Hawk’s owners cheap, but the 7th in the league. C’mon son! I am sick of hearing Marvin Williams be railed on. I know, I know he was drafted ahead of CP3, but its not like the hawks shocked everybody taking him. Marvin was the consensus 2 or 3 in that draft. Jsmoove is one of the most exciting players in the league with electrifying dunks. Smith also runs the floor hard and plays some serious D. Teague is a solid young PG who is a great passer runs the floor like a fricken gazelle and is still developing his jumper. JJ hits big shots time after time along with Horford manning the post. The Hawks also knocked off the Magic last year after the experts picking against us. Jameer even told D-rose at the end of the season that he would see him in the 2nd round. The Hawks have made the playoffs the last 4 years and are going into the playoffs this year with the 4th best record in the east. Once again I love yalls show, but please give the A-town hawks some luv. #TBJ

    Yours truly, Henry G. Simons

  13. fuck you Randy from Utah

  14. Looking forward to Tas’ recorder tomorrow.
    Any chance of pulling out the pan flute (or pun flute)?

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbDos4P9A5o

    this is what julius hodge would have done if he was on the OKC roster. god the NBL is awful, thank god for Leaguepass!

  16. Cannot believe you Skeets! Julius Hodge would comfortably be my least favourite athlete in the world. He’s an absolutely classless individual. I was at that game where he stomped the name, and it just showed how useless a person he is.

  17. Hey TBJ,
    Love your show, don’t think I’ve missed more than a handful all season.
    I have to say there is absolutely no doubt MWP/RA knew exactly what he was doing. Look at the replay and you’ll see that Harden came towards the side of Ron, expecting the inbound pass and making slight contact – so Ron was fully aware that Harden is there. As for the elbow – had it landed with that kind of force into a specific place just 1-2″ from where it hit – Harden might not have played ever again.
    On the “controversial” call of Thabo stepping out of the court – it wasn’t at all about his foot, it was about the ball which was dribbled out of bounds…and the referee was less than 2 feet from the play starring down at the ball…so I really give him the benefit of the doubt…

    Anyway – fantastic job to all of you – can’t wait for the playoffs!

  18. what the?? filipino basketball association?? that flop only happened once. im a big fan but dont generalize please

  19. Skip Bayless actually put some blame on Harden here !?!? Cant beleive I heard that… He just hit his career low. What an idiot

  20. You guys didn’t throw it to TK at the end so he could preview the blog!

    I was so lost without his guidance.

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