Ballin: Chris Paul is good at basketball with regards to putting up 33 points, 13 assists and eight steals in a single game. Well played, Chris Paul. Well played, indeed.

Not so much: Metta World Peace almost knocked out James Harden, so this one is a pretty easy choice.

Runnin’ runnin’: Choose your favorite Kobe Bryant clutch shot.

I’m sure it will be a popular choice, but I’m going with the running three off the bad leg. Very pretty.

Handicap: The Miami Heat beat the Houston Rockets by eight points despite the fact they played a lineup of Norris Cole, Mike Miler, Shane Battier, Juwan Howard and Joel Anthony together for more than seven minutes.

White hat: This is a lot of JaVale McGee dunks.

If you were to just count the dunks JaVale McGee in the last five minutes of yesterday’s game, he’d be No. 229 in the league, ahead of guys like Jared Dudley, Manu Ginobili and Josh Howard.

Tallsies: Nikola Pekovic met America’s tallest human, so that was cool for him, I’m sure.

From the weekend: Fake tying your shoes is the new running in to the coach of smart basketball plays against the Hawks.

This needs to catch on. As long as you aren’t a grandpa wearing velcro shoes, this can be done.

Non-notes: Games between Toronto and Detroit, San Antonio and Cleveland, Golden State and Minnesota, and Sacramento and Charlotte all happened yesterday. Just so you know.

Other things: Believe it or not, one of the people who helped move the Sonics to Oklahoma City — Aubrey McClendon, a partial owner of the Thunder — is a shady business man … Why wouldn’t you want a Steve Novak championship belt shirt? (Because then you’re wearing a belt shirt) … The Nets have pretty much always been hilarious … Kyle Lowry is done for the seasonSo is Kevin Love, who now looks like he’s 16