Chris Paul sees Kyle Korver’s butt pass and raises him a no-look, over-the-head butt pass. I’m not sure where you can go from here, but I’m really looking forward to the response. Something off the backboard while lying at the free throw line would really take the cake.

Your move, Korver.

(via SB Nation)

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  1. the guy who made the call, “How the heck did he see him”
    sounded like peter griffin :P

  2. Geez, that was brilliant.

  3. There was a great “sitting shot” by Sprewell as a Knick, but I can’t seem to be finding it.

  4. “Butt pass” implies passing with one’s butt, not sitting on it. Let down.

  5. I think the half life of a fruit roll up is about 3.4 years

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