Sometimes the internet works so fast that it gives you something you want before you even knew you wanted it. We can all agree that that is the case here.

You probably hadn’t even thought about how much you wanted to hear some lady sing her opinions on the MWP-Harden situation in a song that doesn’t really have a melody but is more just a list of things that the lady is thinking, but after watching this, you realize that’s exactly what you needed to understand what really happened yesterday.

It is weird having your mind read, but this makes it OK. Thanks, Stephanie K.

(via HoopsHype)

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  1. Worst. Post. Ever.

  2. Well then. Just, hmmmmm. No comment.

  3. I know that girl. She has chlamydia.

  4. I duno about u Trey, but I definitely did not need to hear this

  5. If it’s called “One Minute Song” why is the song not a minute?

    Then again I did only listen to 20 seconds of it. The longest 20 seconds of my life.
    You suck Trey.

  6. This was terrible. Just terrible. Why did you post this up ? WHY??

  7. That ruined my life, I hope you know that Trey.

  8. I want Stephanie K to follow me around and narrate my life, like a musical.

    Wait, no I don’t.

  9. Personally I liked it. It was deep.

  10. Pan down………..

  11. If Artest wasn’t already going to be Wanker of The Week- this post should be.

  12. I lasted 14 seconds, what did I win??

    Seriously, put some more make up on love, you missed a spot.

  13. This is One Minute Song 236…. After 235 tries I can’t believe she hasn’t been heckled into quitting.

  14. guys, let’s not turn this into the comment section from yahoo sports.

  15. Listen to this it’s better than what was posted and straight to the point. Fear them Bows

  16. I’m in favour of Stephanie K being the Wanker of the Week. Or possibly Trey for posting this.

  17. I would rather get knocked unconscious by Ron Ron than hear that song again…

  18. I love this…it’s high quality because it’s true. It doesn’t sugar-coat, and, yeah, Ron is mean. His only PR option left is to embrace the Jekyll-and-Hyde-syndrome route.

    Hubie Brown needs to bite this style of color commentary, especially for heading into commercial break.

  19. yeah – Internet is twisting the facts like always. it was MTW left elbow – not the right…

  20. Can’t believe I listened to the whole song, it was like nails being scratched on a board

  21. Wow. She does the cr@p every day.

  22. Another vote for this girl being wanker of the week

  23. Taking a shit and listening to this song. Dont try this at home kids

  24. Whenever I click on a YouTube video and it’s just someone’s face talking or singing, I scan for boobs and then move on within seconds.

    It’s more than a way to avoid bad video’s; it’s a philosophy that works in real life too.

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