Is this the first non-scripted joke of Kobe Bryant’s career? He’s had lines in commercials, the entirety of “Kobe Doing Work” and some thing that were funny because it’s Kobe Bryant saying it — most notably declaring to Shaq that he wanted to be “the Will Smith of the NBA” — but I’m having trouble remembering an off-the-cuff gag like this.

For a first joke, it’s pretty great. Coming from Kobe Bryant, even better.

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  1. Gotta love Kobe! Best player in the game and best personality.

  2. You must not have listened to any of his press conferences or interviews, Trey. He’s a funny dude.

    • He gets his laughs because he cusses. This is a legitimate joke.

      And Kobe Doing Work is hilarious because of Kobe trying to act like he’s friends with Sasha Vujacic.

  3. Doing Work is a joke? You’re crazy. That movie shows you how hyper obsessed he is with basketball; great piece of basketball film.

  4. that was too funny, gotta love kobe.

  5. Hahahaha! That was great

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