Other than missing the dunk and having it come after the buzzer anyway, great decision-making by Marvin Williams. Just clean up those two things that make this play completely pointless and this is quality end of game strategy.

But hey, it could be worse. Like if Marvin Williams’ legs fell off, then it’d be worse. That’s the only way it could possibly be a bigger blooper, but at least it didn’t happen.

(via EOB)

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  1. Still just the second-biggest Marvin-related blooper. The biggest, of course, was being drafted ahead of Chris Paul and Deron Williams.

  2. “Like if Marvin Williams’ legs fell off”

    What ?

    I think you accidentally a word or two.
    Proofreading Kerbs

  3. I don’t consider that a blooper, tbh. What were his options? The hand-off was guarded well and after he turned around, there would have only been a half-open Josh Smith for a long jumper. So he tried to make something happen towards the rim (nearly got fouled, too), just .2 seconds late.
    If a guy jacks up a fade-away 22-footer in that situation, it’s not a better play, but nobody kills him for it.

    • He could have stopped at the dotted circle and shot a pull-up jumper or floater that would have counted if it went in. This is a fancy way of accidentally dribbling out the clock.

  4. Agree with Trey, terrible decision making. A floater or jumper would’ve beaten the clock. He’d already done the hard part, beating Amar’e off the dribble (well, sort of hard) and then he had a massive brain fart.

  5. I can’t decide if a shass to Josh Smith for a 3 would have been a worse decision than this or not.

  6. Missing the dunk isn’t really the issue. It’s the fact that he didn’t even get a shot off.

  7. Even though this was the game-deciding dunk, I thought Teague’s missed dunk was way gnarlier.

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