It’s the 6th Annual Basketball Jones Awards Show hosted by Skeets, Tas, and Billy Crystal Kerby! Find out who The Jones think is most deserving of this year’s NBA hardware for the six major awards.

Which winner did Skeets and Tas disagree on most? Which award caused Skeets to leave the room? Where will Trey put his hands with no computer in front of him?

Also, we get a chance to mourn those we lost during the NBA season via the subtle magic of the soprano recorder, find our who had the Whoa Boy Fantasy Line of the Year, and raise a Wanker of the Year to the rafters.

It’s been one hell of a season!

Make sure to leave your award nominees and winners in the comments below.

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Comments (46)

  1. Does Trey not own a pair of dress shoes? Faux Pas

  2. tas hitting the high notes >

  3. No love for Klay Thompson for ROY?? I didn’t think he would win your award (or the real NBA award) but come on guys, he’s been great for the Warriors since they traded Monta and should have been nominated over a guy like Shumpert.

    • No way, man. Shumpert’s earned his minutes on a playoff team and is routinely taking the best perimeter players out of the game. Thompson is a lousy defender (and a reckless but deadly shooter) on a Warriors team going nowhere. I do think that Klay Thompson has the potential to become an All-Star. Right now, Iman Shumpert is the far more valuable player.

  4. No Alvin Gentry as a nominee? He took Steve Nash and the polish Hammer, and Dudley surrounded by scrubs and jr high girls and have them competing for the 8th spot!

  5. I wish Tom would win for Coach, but you can’t argue against a guy who squeezed some production out of “The French Baguette”, Boris Diaw.

    They call me Mr. Tibbs!!!!!!!

    “In memorium” was fantastic. ESPN should pick up the TBJ Video Show as well, cuz its a hella lot better than any NBA programming they got.

    Trey, sneakers and a Tux? Really? That’s such a Brad Miller thing to do.

  6. Dwight wins Wanker of the Year, sure, but I would have liked to see some nominees/dishonorable mentions. The Maloofs, David Stern (basketball reasons), Reggie Evans, the return of Ron Ron, y’know.

    Also, I’m still hesitant to give Kevin so much love outside of fantasy basketball. What happened to Skeets’ dalliance with Tony Parker-for-MVP? This is the man who’s been carrying a championship contender. Surely you can’t knock his defense without knocking Love’s defense. I guess TP would be a Rose-like vote, except the media isn’t latching onto it because it’s the Spurs. While I am a Lakers fan, after seeing a few too many terrible shooting nights from an injured Mamba I’m not going to complain about his absence. Also, Paul is #2. Anyone who takes the Clippers on his back (watch out, knees) and puts them into probably the second round is doing something incredible.

  7. Damn, I believed you until the 32nd second of this video.

  8. Not sure why Vogel doesn’t get any run for Coach of the Year.

  9. Great job on the recorder Tas! Almost had me in tears (of laughter)

  10. My head knows that Dwight deserved the Wanker of the Year, but my heart wants to reward JaVale McGee’s epic season. Any chance you guys can put up a lowlight mix of all the hilarious things he’s done?

  11. Greatest surprise of the season was Dwight coming from behind to win the Wanker of the Year Award from Javale McGee, who was on his way to an epic season as late as the all-star break.

  12. Since we have Wanker-of-the-Year, what about a Winner-of-the-Year?

    Example Nominees:
    Lebron for not being completely hated by the world this season.
    Jeremy Lin for going from nothing to intriguing free agent.
    Pop for inventing DNP-Old.

    etc. etc.

  13. No nomination for Kenneth Faried?!? RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE My runner up.

  14. The “In Memoriam” was perfect. Perfect song choice. Perfect recorder/guitar playing. Perfect amount of emotion displayed by the musicians. I’m not ashamed to say that I cried during that brief period.

  15. The recorder has taken on a life of its own. Wanker of the year should have gone to the Owners and Players for the lockout.

    Great show as always guys.

  16. Agree with Josh that Vogel should’ve been a nominee. Jumped on the Wolves bandwagon this year but not sure if Adelman deserved the nomination.

    Great show!

  17. *Isaiah Thomas would like to speak with you about ROY.
    *No one alters shots like Ibaka. Better DPOY than D12. And no Tony Allen?
    Pop is an obvious choice for COTY but Vogel is deserving of some recognition.
    Harden is the 6th MOY. Get well James. Fear the beard.
    Lin for MIP? Really? The Kings fan in me wants to say DMC but what about a dude like Avery Bradley. Did more out of nowhere without all the NY hype that Lin is.
    I’m ok with LBJ for MVP.
    No Whoa Boy shout out for Ibaka’s triple double for 11 blocks?
    And you gotta feel bad for Javale. Looked like he had Wanker of the Year locked up. And I’ll assume you all had originally picked the Maloofs but picked Dwight when you starting filming since it was a non binding agreement and no official papers had been signed.

  18. I’m disappointed there was no mention of JaVale McGee for his epically comedic season.

  19. I’m with the majority here, as stupid as Dwight is, McGee was a WotY.

    Otherwise, agree with everything. Even as a Jazz fan, Pop or Thibbs get the CoTY awards.

  20. Um. Isaiah Thomas for ROY??? He’s consistently ranked in the top two or three across multiple rookie rankings. How can he not even be one of the 4 choices? Especially considering Rubio has been hurt so much that there’s literally no chance he’ll win?

  21. Ryan Anderson should have been a MIP candidate.

  22. Coach of the year: DeMarcus Cousins

  23. We dropped our awards on Saturday and they are significantly different…for the most part at least.

    Oh, and we aren’t unanimous on all of them. We also tossed in GM of the year too.

  24. I agree with Skeet’s that Chandler should have won Defensive player of the year. But I don’t agree with Skeet’s reasoning. What does his PR move have anything to do with Dwight playing defense? NOTHING. For this year ONLY Chandler has made a more defined difference in a team playing defense then Dwight. The only award that should if at all involve politics or PR is the MVP. Even then I would prefer if people were rewarded based on what they did on the court. Not off.

  25. Is no-one going to stick up for Doc Rivers for COY?? Especially when you have Adelman and Coach Kobe??

  26. In memoriam should have included Oden Roy and Nate McMillan…Roy at the least. Goran Dragic should have gotten a nod for MIP ..Ilyasova should have been mentioned or I think Skeets did.

  27. If Paul George gets Whoa Boy! of the year nod over anyone for 7 three’s, I think BG deserves a shoutout too going 9-for-9 from downtown; not a great statline overall by any means of course, but if we’re talkin’ 3′s, I don’t think anyone expected that record-tying outburst of consecutive shots from outside by all-but-forgotten Ben Gordon.

    gregory above me is right about BRoy too, should be mentioned.

  28. Cousins deserved Most Improved. He was still out there dominating big men at the end of the season. People barely even remember Jeremy Lin now. He had just as many big games as Lin, they were just spread over the whole season, not just 3 weeks when nothing else could catch our attention. 5th in the League in rebounds.

  29. No Deron Williams for ‘woah boy’ nominations? And Rondo should’ve won that award hands down. 20 assists and the 4 turnovers is what got you down? Pretty much agree with everything else though!

  30. ROY: Kyrie (where’s Klay Thompson?)
    DPOTY: Serge Ibaka (OKC 1st BPG)
    COTY: Gregg Popovich (Suck Fan Antonio)
    6th-man: James Harden
    MIP: Jeremy Lin (where’s Kyle Lowry?)
    MVP: Kevin Durant (fuck LeBitch)

    6th Annual? 4 Wankers missing in the rafters -_-

  31. Great show as always. But I’m not digging the whoa boy of the year pick. I’d take any of these over Paul George:

    Deron on 3/4/12
    LeBron on 3/1/12
    Durant on 2/19/12
    CP3 on 3/9/12
    Dwight on 1/12/12
    Ibaka on 2/19/12

  32. Wow I really, really hate that Lin pick. I know the award sucks because it’s kind of hard to pin down, but I don’t think it’s meaningless.

    DeMarcus Cousins should get it. He made huge improvements (look at his PER jump) and that’s playing big minutes both years. So, it’s not just increased minutes like Lin or Bynum – he still played huge minutes but just got a lot better in those minutes.

    Also – I don’t buy Chandler as the DPOY. Dallas’s defense hasn’t really taken a hit since he’s left. The two biggest defensive terrors in this league (in my mind) are Dwight and LeBron. You guys talked about how LeBron takes on studs down the stretch but that’s it – first of all that’s huge (we’ve seen him guard Rose, Howard, and everyone in between). But, I also feel like he puts out much more consistently excellent effort on that end than a guy like Kobe or Wade. I don’t think it’s correct to lump him in with that group.

    So I’m fine with Dwight – but if not I’d say LeBron.

  33. How does Farried not get a Nomination for ROY??? COME ON!

  34. Kenneth Faried isn’t even nominated??? I think he played the 2nd best this year behind Irving. (Rubio would have been second if not for the injury)

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