People say the hardest thing to do in sports is using a round bat to hit a round ball square. But that’s only because they’ve never thought about selling tickets to a Charlotte Bobcats game. The team is 27th in attendance, selling just 77 percent of seats at the Time Warner Cable Arena and notching the fifth-worst average attendance for their home games. It’s not easy convincing people to spend money to watch the worst team ever.

If the official Bobcats ticket sellers are having a hard time moving units, imagine how tough it must be for the scalpers. Or instead of imagining, just read what one scalper had to say before a recent Bobcats home game. From Grantland:

“This is the bummest goddamn spot in the goddamn nation,” he tells me. “Charlotte is the resting spot. This is where other teams rest their best players.” And what about ticket sales? “People come out here, they buy the best goddamn tickets for $5,” he complains.

I’m not trying to say you should feel bad for a scalper who is unable to make profits on illegal transactions, but can you imagine a worse job than scalping Bobcats tickets? (I’m sure you probably can, smart guy, but you know what I mean.) Not only does nobody want your tickets in the first place, there’s basically no way you’re going to be able to jack up the price on Bobcats tickets. That’d be like trying to charge a premium to watch Lindsay Lohan perform the entirety of “A Little More Personal (Raw)” live. “No thanks.” — everyone you try to sell to

Then again, there’s a sucker born every day. I mean, if David Stern could convince Michael Jordan to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to own the team, then anything is possible.