Tell us how you really feel, Governor Christie. (Because I am guessing it is something a bit less dismissive and more tinged with sadness that an important business who provides lots of jobs and tax money for the local economy is leaving. Not to mention, now there are three big sports teams in New Jersey and two of them don’t even claim the state as their home turf with their team name. (This has been a very long parenthetical but I am curious if he really doesn’t care the Nets are leaving.))

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  1. “Not to mention, now there are only two big sports teams in New Jersey and one of them doesn’t even claim the state as their home turf. ”

    This confuses me. There’s three teams operating out of NJ – the Jets, Giants and Devils.

    Even if you don’t count the Devils as “big”, both the Jets and Giants are New York, not New Jersey, teams.

  2. “One of the most vibrant cities”
    “Beautiful Arena”
    “Wonderful fan base”

    We are talking about Newark, aren’t we?

    • I legitimately assumed he had to have been sarcastic or that he had never actually been to Newark before.

      I understand that he is a politician and that stretching the truth comes with the territory but those words are not exactly the ones that come to mind for me when I think of Newark.

  3. Even he does care that the Nets are leaving what do you think he was supposed to say? He’s perfectly right in saying that the decision has been made a long time ago. It makes no sense to sulk now…

    Personally, I don’t like that the Nets are moving (and I’m not even a Nets fan). This might be an overly conservative stance but I think it would be best if teams weren’t allowed to change cities/colors/logos at all. The team’s entire identity gets lost in the process IMO.

    My 2 cents…

  4. Christie doesn’t care about lost jobs. He cancelled the NJ-NY tunnel project that was going to create hundreds of them (and their associated tax revenues). Christie’s just a pompous right-wing prick.

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