If someone were to tell you that Stephen Jackson went to San Antonio’s Sea World with a group of middle schoolers, you would probably assume that the pictures were awesome. You’d think about how Stephen Jackson is notoriously one of the league’s toughest guys and how putting him face to face with some sea lions would probably be hilarious.

Well, just to let you know, you are totally right. The pictures are both awesome and hilarious. Your assumptions are correct and I commend you for your logical thinking.

However, even you probably wouldn’t have imagined that the pictures would turn out this good. Or that Stephen Jackson would do an impeccable sea lion impersonation.

This is just the standard happy face.

And this is the Culkin.

I don’t necessarily know what this look is called, but whatever it is, the sea lion and Stephen Jackson are laughing at the same thing and are definitely in on the joke.

Amazingly, the sea lion is actually doing a Stephen Jackson impersonation in this photo. Half-smile, squinted eyes — nailed it.

This is the coup de grĂ¢ce because it takes you a minute to realize that not only are Stephen Jackson and the sea lion both sticking out their tongues, but so are 75 percent of the children. Never let it be said that Stephen Jackson isn’t for the children.

If Stephen Jackson had never been traded to the Warriors, then re-routed to the Spurs, this might have never happened. Sure there are sea lions at the Milwaukee County Zoo, but they never really connected with S-Jax, no matter how many times he went down to the habitat to practice.

(via Ananth Pandian)